Where’s the Fox? Part II

My friend, Sunny Chandra, runs a very cool ISV, Employment Programs Australia. He called me the other day and asked me why I wasn't making more noise about VFP, especially now that I was working inside. He knows that I've been a great advocate of VFP over many years (as is he), and was worried that in my new role I had taken my eye off the VFP ball.

To be fair to Sunny, I have been concentrating on other things recently. I haven't abandoned VFP though. It's a great development tool and definately has a place in the MS stable. VFP 9.0 is in public beta right now and you can download it here.

Ken Levy, the VFP product manager, publishes a letter from the editor each month in which he outlines Microsoft's plans for VFP much more eloquantly than I can.

Suffice it to say that VFP is an important part of the overall developer tools arsenal available from Microsoft. It's got some great features and has kept my family fed and housed very comforably for over a decade. VFP 9.0 has some very cool new features including a complete rewrite of the reporting engine and even better SQL compatibility. For a more complete list, See Ken's blog entry.

Sunny, I'm watching the ball again. Check back here often for updates on VFP goings-on in ANZ and elsewhere.

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  1. Andrew, I am glad you have the Fox by the tail again. I am running with the hounds. I am interested to know when the VFP CERTIFICATION exam will become available again — some of my staff are keen to write the exam but the previous version was withdrawn 30/06/2004.

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