Where’s the Fox?

Frank just sent me a note asking where's the fox? He wanted a link to VFP or FoxPro or the Sydney VFP User Group or OzFox 2004. Hey Frank, did you miss this?

I think he really wanted a permanent link on the side of my blog page. It's coming. I'm still learning the ins and outs of .TEXT. I have to say I'm pretty impressed though.

Update - Just for you Frank, my first link is to the VFP home page (and includes an rss link so you can keep up to date with the new happenings in the VFP world).

Comments (2)

  1. FRANK ARRIGO says:

    yup – i want to see the fox in the lhs nav bar

  2. William Luu says:

    Oh yes, you need to get the Fox logo up in your side menu.

    I haven’t used Visual Fox Pro since highschool… (1999). So, has been a long time since I’ve last used it.

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