Improve .Net Applications Performance Effectively And Efficiently

How to anticipate or better off avoid performance related "surprises" during load and stress testing?

Apply performance engineering practices throughout SDLC (Software Development LifeCycle). Here are major talking points, tools, resources, and further reading.

Performance Engineering Frame

In order to focus and streamline Performance Engineering tasks throughout the development lifecycle ask the following questions

  • How to cache data?
  • How to handle communications?
  • How to handle concurrency?
  • How to handle components’ coupling/cohesion?
  • How to perform data access?
  • What algorithms to use?
  • How to handle exceptions?
  • How to handle resource management?
  • How to handle state management?

More info - Performance Frame. Pay special attention to performance threats and performance vulnerabilities.

Development phases and related activities


Related materials

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  1. alik levin's says:

    Yesterday I gave a talk about the subject during Performance Open House First off, thanks for attending

  2. Yesterday I gave a talk about the subject during Performance Open House First off, thanks for attending

  3. On March 10 Alik Levin and I presented at the Microsoft Performance Open House in Raanana. Alik's

  4. CoqBlog says:

    Juste un petit pense-bête pour moi retrouver facilement ce post : ACE Team – Security, Performance &

  5. During TechEd Israel 2008 I am giving a talk on Performance Development Lifecycle to developer leads

  6. PDD – Performance Driven Development presentation by Eran Kolbis made him my Super Hero! by Xurble Eran

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  8. Alik Levin's says:

    Chatty database access is the surefire way for slow performance caused by  resources starvation

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  11. No witty opening comment this week…sorry to disappoint. 🙂 General Improve .Net Performance Effectively & Efficiently : Microsoft’s ACE team, who are are responsible for application performance, security, and privacy, has a great post about improving

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