Threat Analysis & Modeling Launch

Over the past several years, the ACE Team has developed and matured a threat modeling methodology for the implementation of software.  We've recently started a separate blog for threat modeling & I'd like to invite you to check it out and keep watching it for more details as we get ready to launch version 2.0 of Microsoft Threat Analysis & Modeling.  We feel very strongly that this new release is going to be a huge leap forward in how threat modeling is conducted and will result in high quality, actionable threat models. 

Threat Analysis & Modeling is made up of:

  • A new threat modeling methodology

  • A new threat modeling process

  • A completely re-worked Threat Modeling Application

Tons of new features will be announced over the coming weeks on the Threat Modeling blog so make sure to check it out and add it to your feeds to watch.


Ahmad Mahdi

Security Technologist

Microsoft – ACE Team


Comments (3)

  1. Dear Colleagues,

    I invite you to download PTA (Practical Threat Analysis) – a quantitative method and a software tool that enables you to model the security perimeter, identify threats on an asset-by-asset basis and evaluate the overall risk to the system. The risk level, potential damage and countermeasures required are all presented in real financial values. PTA calculates the level of risk and the available mitigation. It advises on the most cost-effective way to mitigate threats and reduce the risk.

    PTA is free-of-charge for students, researchers, software developers and independent security consultants. Visit our Web site, read more about the methodology and download a copy of the software at

    PTA’s great power is its ability to maintain dynamic threat models that are capable of reacting to today’s intensive changes in systems’ assets, vulnerabilities and threats. The product’s database infrastructure enables analysts to automatically recalculate threats and countermeasures priorities and provide decision makers with updated action item lists that reflect the daily changes in threat realities.

    Feel free to use PTA in your risk analysis and threat modeling missions – it is our contribution to the security community. I’ll be happy to have your comments and answer your questions on any issue.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Zeev Solomonik

    Chief Technology Officer

    PTA Technologies


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