Back to School with a Wealth of Windows Education Apps for Students, Parents & Teachers

The following blog post was written by Paul Nyhan, a staff writer with the Microsoft Accessibility Blog. Paul is a 20-year journalism veteran who has written extensively about disability issues. —– Students are heading back to school and this year more are showing up with mobile devices that extend their learning far beyond the classroom….

Microsoft Accessibility Resource Centers Help Spread Awareness for Built-in Accessibility

The following blog post was written by Ellen Kampel, Public Relations Manager for Accessibility at Microsoft. Ellen holds a Masters in Social Work (MSW) and works on technology issues related to aging and people with disabilities. —– For nearly a decade Microsoft has partnered with a network of independent accessibility information and service centers across…

Using Windows 8 with Eye Tracking Technology

This blog post was written by Daniel Hubbell, Senior Marketing Communications manager at Microsoft. Daniel’s career spans more than 12 years at Microsoft and his current role is focused on increasing the awareness of accessibility with consumers and regularly speaks at events and conferences on the topics of Accessible Technology. —– In January I wrote…

Demonstrating Microsoft Surface to People with Visual Impairments

The following blog post was written by Larry Weiss – Accessible Technology Strategist at Microsoft. He has worked on making platforms accessible for more than 26 years. —- I recently demonstrated the accessibility improvements in the Surface RT and the new Windows Narrator, with a little low-tech help. Earlier this year at the International Technology…

Accessible Technology Can Be a Lifeline When the Unexpected Happens

The following blog post was written by Laura Ruby – Director of Accessibility Policy and Standards at Microsoft. She has worked in this area of the technology sector for more than 22 years. —- When my alarm goes off most mornings I reach across my two cats, grab my Windows Phone and scan my email….

Rearranging Windows 8 Start Screen Tiles using the Keyboard

One of the cool things about Windows 8 is the ability to customize the start screen by moving and arranging the tiles in a way that suits your own preference and style. When using a touch screen device the easiest way to do this is by sliding the tile you want to move either up or down, and…

Developing Accessible apps for Windows 8

Greetings! As many of you know Microsoft has kicked off the developer preview of Windows 8 at the BUILD conference in Anaheim just a few short weeks ago. Although you may not have been able to make it to the conference, there is still an opportunity to experience the keynote, sessions, and Windows 8 itself….