Accessible Technology Can Be a Lifeline When the Unexpected Happens

The following blog post was written by Laura Ruby – Director of Accessibility Policy and Standards at Microsoft. She has worked in this area of the technology sector for more than 22 years. —- When my alarm goes off most mornings I reach across my two cats, grab my Windows Phone and scan my email….

Speech Recognition: Yesterday’s science fiction is today’s reality

This blog post was written by Daniel Hubbell, Senior Marketing Communications manager at Microsoft. Daniel’s career spans more than 12 years at Microsoft and his current role is focused on increasing the awareness of accessibility with consumers and regularly speaks at events and conferences on the topics of Accessible Technology. Speech recognition is one of…

Top 7 Accessibility Tips

Are you looking for a quick primer on accessibility in Windows 7, Office 2010, and Internet Explorer? Is so, this recent video covers the top 7 accessibility tips to help you make your computer easier to see, hear and use. VIDEO: The video features brief demos of our top 7 tips, including: The Ease of…

Accessibility mention in first reviews of Windows 7

If you don’t know, Windows 7 was demoed and reviewed during last weeks Professional Developers Conference. One of the first reviews by CNET mentions one of the accessibility updates we are working on. Read the Review at CNET. A more complete demo of the expected accessibility updates in Windows 7 will be made at a…

New Windows 7 blog

Hello blog-world! A few days ago, Microsoft launched a new blog all about the next version of Windows, Windows 7. The blog is at: Today’s post talks about the organization of the feature teams. If you’re wondering where accessibility fits in, it’s primarily in the User Interface Platform feature team. Happy reading!