At Microsoft, every day is Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Man in brown jacket with glasses smiling with two people in wheelchairs in the background

Retired U.S. Army Capt. Mike Luckett works for Warfighter Engaged, a nonprofit organization that provides gaming equipment to wounded vets, and helped test the new Xbox Adaptive Controller


As we celebrate the seventh annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day, across Microsoft we are thinking daily about how technology can empower the 1 billion people worldwide who have disabilities. Not only is it important that we do this for our customers and our employees, it’s also an exciting area for technology and innovation to drive incredible impact.

Today we are announcing new technology and resources for people with disabilities. You can learn more by visiting the Official Microsoft Blog from Microsoft’s Chief Accessibility Officer, Jenny Lay-Flurrie. She shares several updates from across the company and discusses why it’s both exciting to think about the tremendous opportunity to empower people with technology and humbling to think about our responsibility to get it right.

We are incredibly proud to introduce the Xbox Adaptive Controller. It is a first-of-its-kind device as an affordable, easy-to-set-up, and readily available Xbox Wireless Controller designed for gamers with limited mobility. Game on!

We’re also launching a new Microsoft Accessibility website to make it easy to find, discover and experience all that we are doing. Check it out and please continue to share your ideas on the Accessibility UserVoice Forum and the Disability Answer Desk.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day is every day here at Microsoft.

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