Accessibility and the Windows 10 Free Upgrade

As you may have heard, the free Windows 10 upgrade offer for customers running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 is set to end on July 29, but we want to clarify that that deadline will *not* apply to customers who use assistive technologies. We are continuing to deliver on our previously-shared vision for accessibility for Windows 10 and we are committed to ensuring that users of assistive technologies have the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10 for free as we do so.

Stay tuned for more details on how you can take advantage of the free offer. In the meantime, you can read more about our accessibility roadmap for Windows 10 on the Microsoft on the Issues blog.

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  1. Tyler K. says:

    Smart move, you guys. There are users who don’t want to upgrade yet because of either known or perceived incompatibilities, and this will give those users even more time to wait until the issues are resolved to their satisfaction.

    1. Sudath says:

      I don’t like to upgrade new version & would like to stay in Windows 8. so how can I do it, cause now they are always remind to me upgrade for this windows 10.

      1. Eliza says:

        Why don’t you want to upgrade? When you upgrade it can help your computer security so no one can get hack into your computer.

        1. Bobbie says:

          I do not wish to upgrade to windows 10 at this time. I have a screen on my laptop that wants me to select a date and time. I cannot delete it. I do no have internet service. I only have a data pack and would not have enough data to handle the up grade. How do I stop it from starting?

          1. if I upgrade to windows 10 will is delete my Panda and PC MRA anti malware that I paid $400.00 dollars for a life time

  2. zoran says:

    I want to, upgrade to Windows 10 after the July, 29. 2016.

    1. Jeanne Myers says:

      How do I get a dvd of windows 10 if I have to upgrade or reformat my computer as I don’t want to loose my original programs that came with my Lenovo computer in the event I need to upgrade after the July 27th deadline.

      1. Norberto Feliberty says:

        @Jeanne Myers upgrading your operating system will keep all your programs that came with your computer. If however for any reason you feel you need to reformat, you need to create a backup of your entire computer prior to you formatting so that you can restore everything you had and not lose it.

        1. Yii says:

          If I updated to windows 10, will the computer reformat?
          All document, photo will be deleted?

  3. Donald E. Miller, Jr. says:

    I have a disability that make it very difficult for me to type. Soon I will not be able to use my hands. I have spinal Stenosis, I have had two surjuries to relieved the pain, now its back 10 fold. I need a good speech recognition softeware. What can you recommend?

    1. Use Speech Recognition. Windows Speech Recognition lets you control your PC with your voice alone, without needing a keyboard or mouse.

  4. Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade is free for office purpose?

    1. Norberto Feliberty says:

      It’s free if the previous version of Windows either 7 or 8 is the pro version.

    2. therese says:

      pls upgrade


  5. inamuddin says:

    I just wanted to know that if I’m using Jaws or any other screen reader will it be free for me after july 29 2016?

  6. Kevin Barry says:

    I am never upgrading, until or unless, Microsoft fixes the accessibility issues they introduced in windows 10. Mung them, breaking the calculator, the edge browser which should never have been released in its current form. Not to mention some controls in control panel don’t work.

    1. Amadeu Matos says:

      Yes i agree with you , Edge is still the big problem with lots of bugs in the insider preview . MS should not launch Edge until its finally working properly like Firefox ………..

  7. George Sandoval says:

    I have attempted to upgrade several laptops that were running
    Windows 7 or 8.x just fine. When they upgraded to Windows
    10 they experienced problems such as: not recognizing the
    built in keyboard or external USB keyboard. Anti-assistive if you
    ask me.

    1. lisa says:

      can I go back to Windows 7/8 after TRYING Window 10 which is a big pain

      1. James says:

        Yes you can go back, bare this in mind. DO NOT delete the windows.old folder and do not move it to another location. IF you do, you will not be able to go back.

        In this scenario, it would be a good idea to do a FULL image backup. Then if something goes wrong or you just dont like it, simply restore from the backup image.

  8. Omer Latif says:

    I have low vision, how will Windows know I have low vision so it can extend the offer?

    1. Omer, please keep an eye on this blog for more information about how to take advantage of this offer as we get closer to the cutoff date.

  9. Hugo Alonso says:

    When will it be possible to install Windows 10 in computers wis ASUS F5SL motherboard? I just can’t upgrade or do a fresh install, it always gives a BSOD during install on first boot!

  10. Henk Linde says:

    I am using a Win7 computer with an IRTrans device and an old Borland Delphi program (xp) that uses an irtrans.ocx (xp). I got my old program to work on Windows 7 so i can control my tv and settopbox with a mouse click. Can I safely update to Win10 without breaking my infrared setup ? And if it breaks can i return to the previous setup on Win7 easily ? I have DMD and need my setup.

    1. Norberto Feliberty says:

      I cannot answer your first question but in reguards to your second question, it’s best to make a backup of your current system before you upgrade to Windows 10. Windows 10 does provide a restore to previous operating system feature but if for whatever reason you use it and for whatever reason you feel it did not work to your satisfaction or did not work at all, you have your backup to restore from.

  11. Kelly Pierce says:

    Thank you Microsoft for being so enlightened. I had a Pentium 4 running Windows Xp and jumped on the Windows 8.1 bandwagon shortly after its release in the fall of 2013. I bought a Dell with an Intel i7 4070 processor, the fastest at the time. I could have not been more pleased with 8.1 and Microsoft. I read through books written by dedicated Windows users and understood the thinking and rationale of the development team in why features were the way they are. It was a way of computing and digital literacy different from the XP era and the opportunities for people were so much wider now. Cloud synchronization of files and settings, a Microsoft ID, USB 3, imbedded sound cards on processors, and a really functional tool bar were just a few of the innovations that blew me away. Screen reader vendors have not yet caught up with all the aspirations of Windows 10 with some functionality still needing more development. I’m looking forward to repeating the experience I had in 2013 when a new version of Windows opened up new levels of productivity and ease of use.

  12. paul faucheux says:

    hey u guys that was a smart move! I am blind and thought like I had to upgrade the day it came out so o I did however since build 10586 I have had problems with my pc wich originally came with win 7 and then upgraded to 8.1 with windows media center overheating. I have been testing rs1 builds and find that the current build 14332 is more compatible with my pc. as a final note will I get rs1 free

  13. mer klier says:

    Will Windows 7 be eliminated all together?

  14. Aziz Aljuhani says:

    Thnk yuo

  15. Kevin Barry says:

    So, Microsoft is implementing a Separate But Equal policy? Everyone is to move to Windows 10 unless you are disabled in which case never mind as Windows 10 is broken. Edge is inaccessible and should never have been released as it is. And, I note, no word as to when, or if, Edge will ever be accessible. The calculator is broken and even something simple like a mail client is evidently beyond the ability of MS to make work properly. SharePoint is a disaster and I won’t even mention Windows Phone (of course, nobody else is either). So, lip service is all this amounts to at the moment. If you bring out new products that are not accessible and then say something vague about fixing it later; you are simply trying to fool your users and perhaps yourselves. More and more of what I do on a daily basis is done on my iPhone and you guys are only helping that along. Blackberry used to think they were essential to the universe as well.

  16. Kay says:

    I have tried to upgrade to Windows 10 from my current 7.1 but when I click on the link to Upgrade now or Download and upgrade later, nothing happens after the initial “starting ” screen. Do I need to disable a Firewall? How can I check for any progress? I can download the .exe file but that just goes to the standard Download screen that doesn’t do anything. Very frustrated and the FAQs don’t cover this.

    1. karim pk says:


  17. dream says:

    thank you

  18. DT says:

    Windows 10 is still not friendly to support old devices. as well as vending machine and ATMs.
    so a lot machine will not upgrade. most who upgrade are education institute and govt bodies.

  19. Kees Reijman says:

    I tried Windows 7 to upgrade to Windows 10 but is always aborted the process during the installation of the drivers.
    Not until the end of July I will have the correct version for use for Windows Jaws 10.
    Sorry for my bad English.

  20. ok good, I would like to upgrade the windows 10 regularly

  21. i need him to upgrade my windows i really dont know what to do thats what im just trying this if they are gonna be work it out

  22. Lakshman Das Bhatia says:

    Good chance to get more for Free

  23. Graham Cooper says:

    I thought I would download Windows 10,although I was contewnt with 7.I supposed I was seduced by all the Microsoft hype.

    I t was an utter pain! A totally unfamiliar layout, some times I could not access Word or Excel. Simple tasks were taking ages and al the perceived advantages (i.e. use on smarphonesetc were NOT benefits for me. Also this Cortuna(or whatever the name is just like al other Microsoft” help”…………….they decide what the problem is rather than you telling them.

    Also no Java

    I warn anyone thinking of gowingdown the Windows 10 route …………..frankly do not. Again it is sold as by far the best thing since sliced bread.

    Familiarity is a big, very big mover. Stay with what you have unless you are compelled to walk down a road accessing e mails or whatever.

    I am back with Windows 7

    Graham Cooper

  24. would like to upgrade to windows 10

  25. Francisco says:

    I already have installed windows 10 but I do not how to upgrade it

    1. If you have Windows 10 installed you will receive a notice from Windows when an update is available.

      1. Pamela Francis says:

        If you have the commitment to accessibility you say you do, why release a product with known accessibility issues? We who use screen readers are forced into using a subscription service per month to send a simple email or an unfamiliar client i.e. Thunderbird. Shame on you Microsoft. Also alluding to another posters question, how is Microsoft going to know if in fact we are assistive technology users or not in order to honour the free time period in which to upgrade? I’m sick to death of paying for Office per month just for the purpose of sending an email. I do not use the rest of the functionality within the subscription. I want a simple mail client as has always been included within the Windows operating system that is totally accessible to me as would be to my cited counterparts. also, please kill those god awful ribbons!!! At the very least, give us an accessibility setting to bring back the familiar toolbar along with keystrokes we are used to in order to access various functionalities within applications. On an unrelated issue, what do I have to do in order to turn off the Microsoft account I was forced to create when signing in? I do not want a Microsoft sign in. I either want no sign in, or my Gmail.

  26. jean says:

    Definetly need more clarification…

  27. Hsu Shen on says:

    i will like to know more details on this

  28. Orjan says:

    Iis it free even for , say an JAWS or Dolphin or zoomtext user in Sweden, or is it US only offer?

  29. Jonathan Nielsen says:


    I’m very pleased that Microsoft are allowing those that need extra time to upgrade the chance to do so, thank you! This will help especially those that use screen readers and devices requiring software and hardware updates.

    I love that Windows 8 and 10 let low vision users like myself use high contrast themes in conjunction with the Windows magnifier in full screen mode now but I really do miss the ability to customise, and tweak my theme to my liking. The colour options in Win8 and 10 are more limited than Windows 3.1! 🙁 For example I want a black background and white text for button labels and the main UI text but I don’t want white window outlines/edges but I cannot change that to grey like I used to be able to in XP.

    I understand having solid white borders and edges is the purpose of a High Contrast theme but for some users like myself, having windows open – all with lots of white grid-like edges (because of the high contrast theme) it ends up looking a bit like “grid city” and that triggers migraines and it also plays havoc with my nystagmus.

    The only way I can get around this is to patch specific core DLL files, install custom themes from DeviantArt – which then breaks Windows sometimes after updates because of uxtheme.dll and other DLL’s that get updated.

    Please, please Microsoft, enable users to tweak and customise their themes the way they want to and/or allow for custom themes to be installed just like Linux does (KDE, Gnome, XFCE) and Android is doing (RRO Layers, Cyanogen Theme Engine) – because Windows 8/10, while AMAZINGLY great with it’s high contrast theme + full screen magnifier (it really is a life saver) – it’s a bit frustrating to only have two choices : either shocking white or ‘hard edge high contrast”.

    If I can paint and decorate my house in any fashion I want to, why can’t I do this to my Windows PC in 2016?

    Thank you!

    late 30s legally blind Systems Administrator
    Windows, LInux, Geek. Migraines, Nystagmus 20/200 vision, you get the idea 😎

  30. boswell21 says:

    What will the company locally for!!!!!!!?

  31. Juan José says:

    If I´ve already have Windows 10 (for free), on July 29th, i will have to pay??? or it´s completely free for ever?
    i don´t understand if i only have to pay for the upgrade or just for having it
    thanks, and sorry for my english

  32. mudy boyka says:

    thats nice this will give those users even more time and preparation of their incompabilities smart move like it

  33. PAUL MCCANN says:

    this would be great as my last laptop broke and i had the free upgrade on it,i would be over the moon if i got it again as cash is low.

  34. Helder Silva says:

    Windows 10 free

  35. gene says:

    Well, while we’re on the subject of accessibility, I just wanted to ask what ms thinks their doing upgrading their mail servers so that users of outlook email can no longer use windows live mail? Why doesn’t ms take accessibility considerations in mind before they just decide that customers with blindness, or other disibilities don’t deserve to continue using the old programs because they just might be more accessible? Why doesn’t ms release, and force everyone with disibilities to be kicked out of the loop, just because their wanting to retire old apps like wlm, and IE? You guys want to get rid of your customers with special needs? Well, you iddiots, just keep it up, and watch your customers have to switch to another platform, another operating system, another company altogether to continue to function in todays world, and it’s not just special needs customers, we’re talking about normal people as well, just because of all the other flukes, and kinks that windows has. I’m telling you ms, their’s a lot of people getting very fed up, and frustrated with plans you make, and it appears that you don’t even take accessibility considerations in mind before you do so. Now, on to one of the biggest frustrations that I’ve been having in windows10. If I set up a local account first maybe because I am not given the option to even sign in with my ms account during setup, then try to sign in with a Microsoft account after setup is complete, I keep getting bounced back to the your accounts and email in the settings app, it wont let me switch like it’s suppose to, so, my only options that I can see, is to either call the disability answer desk, or just scrap windows and reinstall. All of this is very frustrating, and totally unexceptable, so once again, like others have done, I ask you to please listen to, and except the feedback your customers are giving you, cause I’m telling you, it will come back to bite you in the butt, and you’ll regret it in the end.

  36. Tony Hill says:

    We are a charity with blind PC users and use commercial software JAWS, our current version won’t work properly on Windows 10 and our current finances don’t allow us to upgrade at present. So, keeping open the free upgrade for these users is great news. One question though, what are the criteria for this delay and how will it be managed?

    1. Jonathan Nielsen says:

      Have you considered NVDA? A few former JAWS users I know have moved over, while it’s not as mature or easy to setup it’s free and quickly becoming a very suitable replacement.

  37. Dawood says:

    I am using windows 7 and i want to upgrade for windows 10. please tell me how to upgrade because my laptop’s windows update is not supporting.

  38. Greg Zeng says:

    Am I eligible? I have been severely crippled since December 31st, 1984.
    AUSTRALIAN PENSION NUMBER: (not given here; security needed for a public web site)

    I publish very widely on the Internet. Google: “gregzeng”. I am the only person on the planet with that name.
    Dell tells me that I must buy another Windows DVD from them, to upgrade mine:

  39. S.Z says:

    Try so many times upgrade my Samsung RF710 from win 7 to win 10, but all fail. Looks like Not all PC can upgrade to win 10.

  40. Yvette Norton says:

    How do I get the free windows 10 upgrade please?

  41. Manijeh K Khabar says:

    I am using only some ease of access features. How can I get to have the option for W10 free upgrade after deadline ends?

  42. will we have automatically access to free upgrade after deadline? I am using W7 ultimate and some ease of access features.

  43. Shaun says:

    Hmm interesting marketing twist. I suspect MS are holding back on the details because they don’t want you to know that in order to quality, you will have to give up a good chunk of your privacy.

    my advice DO NOT ACCEPT THE DEFAULT EXPRESS INSTALL should you decide to upgrade. this is particularly important if you have privacy concerns.

    If Microsoft respected your privacy as much as they claim, they would NOT have designed the install interface in such a manner as to lul the unwary user into opening up all conduits to MS servers. ( alright I’m straying off topic a little but the point is worth noting.)

    I further suspect that, in order to quality MS will need a valid licene to prove ownership of access technology. this will help MS decide which companies are ripe for takeover.( however the need to present valid proof of ownership of a given piece of access technology is quite understandable.

    (because NVDA is open source, it may not quality as a suitable qualifying product because MS cannot easily control the licensing conditions of its release due to the GPL under which NVDA is released).

    Microsoft lost a sizeable chunk of their profit revenue because they fouled up on windows 8 so now they are looking for ways to recoup that loss, hence the lengths they’re going to in order to entice increased adoption of their operating system.

    It will be interesting to see how redstone fares once it reaches RTM.

  44. rose hoover says:

    I need help to upgrade I do not know how to do it

  45. Clayton Freeark says:

    I want to upgrade to Windows 10, but I cannot get past the security scan. Everything appears to grind to a halt at that point. I reserved my copy 6-8 months ago, but have never received a download notification. You are the Obama of the software world.

    1. Try reaching out to our Disability Answer Desk for assistance with upgrading.

  46. The sooner the upgrade the better as I am a joint owner/admin of a non profit community group but you’d be surprised how many messages we’ve received saying how friendships made on our group has gave people a much needed lift in their life. I have a serious problem as my computer along with every version of windows backups I had were completely wiped/deleted and I’m running off an evaluation version of enterprise and my license is due to run out. So many thanks and please let me know if there’s anyway I can resolve my problem sooner. Many Thanks in advance.

  47. randy says:

    When will I be able too get mobile 10 download for my lumia 1520, of which I paid 700,00 for at the windows store.?

  48. donnamy41 says:

    love windows 10

  49. julius says:

    Upgrade my phone

  50. Sunil Tiple says:

    Amazing features

  51. senthil says:

    There were some problems installing updates, but we’ll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help: (0x800705b4)

    1. You can contact the Disability Answer Desk for further assistance.

  52. I have an error on my windows 10in my all in ne hp envy 23. please corrct or reinstall windows 10

    1. Please reach out to our Disability Answer Desk for assistance.

  53. angelo P. says:

    I already use Windows 10 with my main PC at home and I am very satisfied of that.
    I also use another PC witch runs with Windows Vista; is it possible to upgrade this one to free Windows 10 ? thant you for your answer.
    Best regards

  54. fernando says:

    Windows 10 exelente , sin comentarios.

  55. Hugh Gautier says:

    The upgrade APP fails to install anything on my system, even though the Update Windows in the Control Panel comes up and says that the computer is up to date, and that is as far as it gets. It’s as though the computer is fighting to stay with Windows 8.1 Pro and will not allow anything else to be installed.

    1. Have you tried reaching out to our Disability Answer Desk for help. You can find the local contact info on the support page…

  56. I’m a 46year old man. dad already have this installed. It time I get with the program and upgrade

  57. Armawi says:

    I want to Upgrade my Windows 7 (original) to Windows 10

  58. Russell Henkel says:

    I have tried to upgrade but the setup never completes so I am unable to upgrade at this time.

  59. moin says:

    Smart move, you guys. There are users who don’t want to upgrade yet because of either known or perceived incompatibilities, and this will give those users even more time to wait until the issues are resolved to their satisfaction.

  60. Kevin says:

    Having problem to upgrade my laptop from window 8 to window 10 and it shows ” The installation failed in the Safe_OS phase with an error during Migrate_Data operation” Anyone can help ?

  61. how do I join the program? it keeps telling me I am not old enough, I am 66 for heavens sake,
    Elly Hastings

  62. Any luck on folder yet, for mail?
    Elly Hastings

  63. Christopher Fielder says:

    I cannot get it to work!

  64. Mohak sharma says:

    I recently upgraded to windows 10 ,but it has many errors. I am not able to launch settings, can’t see windows upgrade option in control panel.The setting is not launching for even a second and the troubleshooters are not able to detect any error(67758,namely).

  65. Scott Adler says:

    I do NOT want Windows 10 on my computer!!!!!!! How do I stop the automatic update? Again, I DO NOT WANT WINDOWS 10 ON MY COMPUTER!!! Please help me stop this upgrade.

  66. ANTHONY says:


  67. ANTHONY says:


  68. ANTHONY says:


  69. noor zani bin mohd nasir says:

    problem with window store
    THE ERROR CODE IS:- 0x80072EFF

    since I upgrade to window 10
    when I try to enter the window store this error have occur even the internet connection is stable.
    what is the problem.

  70. John R. Bitonti says:

    lets get started

  71. ابو سعيد says:


  72. Riyad Cheikh says:

    I have IMAC with partition Windows by boocamp I use windows 8.1 easely
    I try to update to windows 10 . At the end of installation , error 1900101-40017
    It restore to8.1
    What are the solution Thank you in advance Riyad Montreal Canada

  73. rahmad says:

    I want to, upgrade to Windows 10

  74. gery says:

    How do I stop getting update prompts for Windows 10? We have Windows 7 and are satisfied with that OS.

  75. websystems not working fom all accounts of freddy pina

  76. GW.DUNBAR says:


  77. I want to, upgrade to Windows 10 after the July, 29. 2016.

  78. I like this help me find it

  79. liviu says:

    windows10 free

  80. Amy Senig says:

    I had windows 10 free downloaded and had to factory reset because of a very bad virus and lost my windows 10 after factory reset was completed. Please tell me how to get it back.

  81. charles lance says:

    I had win 7 pro but when I upgraded to 10 it says invalid code that’s wrong

  82. Keli'i Aoyagi says:

    I have had windows 8.1 pro since before the update. and was expecting to see windows 10 pro. But I was never given the activation key.

  83. Ben de Reland says:

    I want to upgrade to win10 on july2016.

  84. sudesh parmar says:

    I upgraded my computer from Windows 8.1 to windows 10 – 1511 – 10586 which was digitally activated, then from update insider preview section I downloaded Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Evaluation copy. Build 14342.rs1_release.160506-1708 after that it show activate windows and asking for genuine product key. Personalization section is not working. it is deactivated

  85. I’m Hoping that with that download..My Dvd “player” which I had before windows 10 will be returned , I never copy DVD ‘s so the other types of player do not concern me in any way othe than play reg.Dvd or Blue Ray! I once heard Your company was offering a free download for past user that lost that featurn ..but I never found it on line , so that person may have not been truthful or..your company hide the download? If you have it please just forward it to me.. because when I travel not always on line and would very much like to watch the movies I have paid for on my laptop without an additional fee ! RSVP. victor holness. @

  86. I need free upgrade for windows 10 as my licence for windows 10 enterprise evaluation is about to expire

  87. Dinesh Pradhan says:

    I did not got original Windows 10 DVD dice

  88. Joyce E Benson says:

    I need to upgrade

  89. Jeanette Grech says:

    my aunt had windows 10. she hit a button for a upgrade and now has windows 8. she is elderly, and now I’m trying to get it fixed, any advice, e-mail me.

  90. jhon lopez says:

    good work

  91. John Abraham says:

    I want to do a clean install of Windows 10 after I upgrade. Can I re-install of MS Office after a clean install of Windows 10 or will I be prevented from re-installation?

    Can I upgrade my 64-bit capable computer from its current 32-bit Win 7 Pro to 64-bit Win 10 Pro?

  92. If I get Window 10, what happens to Window 8, which I am currently using. Will it be easy to use Window 10.

  93. john sheriff says:

    im ready you guys.!!!!!!!lets do it now.!!!!

  94. sushanta says:

    pls. send me updated windows10

  95. ron says:

    I have tried to up grade to windows 10 but it doen’t download. yesterday I let it run for 8 hours nothing happened. what can I do to get it downloaded

  96. june says:

    My cd rom not working since the upgrade help please

  97. pritam says:

    I update windows 7 to windows 10 but windows 10 ‘s asking product key for me how do

  98. thank you offers yours company software

  99. Berckmans says:

    Myself and my little association we are very interesting to containing to work with the only P.C. with a official window program after july .
    We have only 1 P.C.( and a little I pad ) to answering ,to work and it’s difficult for us .
    Give me please the guide to prouve that we are in the situation to continue to use 1 P.C. .Thank you very much
    V.Berckmans chairwoman of little rare disease Hereditary Angioedema or Angioedema Belgium ,E mail :xxxxxxx Removed personal info xxxxxxx

  100. Vincent OConnor says:

    Want Windows 10 but to hard to down load have given up always hard to get something for free ?

  101. Augustus says:

    How do i go about the free upgrade?
    it says click button below but there is no button below.

  102. Angelique says:

    How do I upgrade to Windows 10 ?

  103. Romin says:

    only few PC have got notification for free windows 10 upgrade but my pc is not showing

  104. when do I get my free windows 10 upgrade, I have a windows 7

  105. i dont likewindows10causenothingworksonit etc

  106. iman mahmoodpour says:


  107. alvaro camaño says:

    When updating bios on my notebook I did not recognize Windows 10 operating system and had to reformat and install per disc w7 since neither I funcuino my recovery, when you upgrade to w10 this will not let me turn that the serial is not for the windows error code 0xc004f210, please need help to solve this

  108. Vishal says:

    i was started upgrade windows 8 to 10. but got error code 0*80200011-0*90017 . what solution for it?

  109. Waldir says:

    I would like to upgrade my win 7 32 bits to win 10 64 bits,it `s possible with free upgrade

  110. Francisco Luna says:

    Can I still download windows 10 to a macbook pro even if the offer expires?

  111. achmad kusuma wijaya says:

    i used auto cad 2016 and i have a problem. after installed (upgrading) from windows 8.1 to windows 10. i have a question, why my auto cad slower run than before upgrade…?

  112. Stalin says:

    Thank You

  113. Roy Thiessen says:

    I am trying to upgrade to Windows 10, when I hit “upgrade to Windows 10” nothing happens. What do I need to do?

  114. emma barr says:

    trying to download windows 10 on my sony vaio ;aptop and can not get it to download

  115. Ty-N-Pa says:

    Says my phone is eligible for the free update for my phone but will not download updates, just hope I don’t get shut out before or after the cutoff date in July

  116. Lee Fessler says:

    I have been trying to get my laptop updated to Windows 10 for months. Nothing happens when I click the windows icon I received months ago. The system never automatically updated as promised. What’s the deal? How do I get my laptop to update? I didn’t have this problem with my desktop and both were running window 7 home version. A little help would be appreciated!

  117. Eric says:

    Looking for free windows 10 upgrade

  118. alief says:

    please i want upgrade to windows 10, please help..

  119. Thomas Ardaiolo says:

    While attempting to install Windows10, Problems with closing Mc Fee security to complete download. Any Suggestions would be helpful

  120. mokhtar haggag says:

    Ready to try windows 10 hopping to help.

  121. gary lindgren says:

    try to get update it downoads and when it goes to getting update it stops

  122. chr m says:

    Do what? why trust the folks who hid the Windows 10 Banner inside of an update. No way will I buy win 10, no telling what’s hidden in there!

  123. bahman says:

    upgrade t0 windows 10 free

  124. Luis Martinez says:

    Windows 10 Ruins your multi media music player!!!!!!! I lost Over 1100 Song From my Library . Then you have to install The groove Music From Microsoft And pay monthly $9.99 + Tax. If You cannot budget for a Month So you Temp Suspend it for a Month, I am totally disappointed I am going to Restore Mine back to Windows 7 Just scared to lose my photos.

  125. cody ashton says:

    I had windows 10 . I changed to a bigger harddrive by cloning it and now on my desktop it says “Activate Windows” how do I do this

  126. Craig Jacobsen says:

    I need Windows 10 product key. Please send me. I ready to install it.
    thank you

  127. I was told by a Windows rep that I could install Windows 10 free TODAY, but the getwindows executable is setting me up for a future date upgrade. How can I upgrade now? The deadline is way too soon. Could you let me find the install download now so I can get started using windows 10. I have a legit copy of windows 7 pro 64bit

  128. Peggy Lester says:

    I LOVE WIN 10!!

  129. anita says:

    i cant upgrade my pc

  130. Anjum says:

    i have jst dwnloded windows 10 to ugrade my pc from my windows 7 to windows 10 bt it requires a key which is not provided to me so wht can i do nw with it

  131. Kim Brandell says:

    I’ve tried to upgrade twice and the circle of dots showing that the upgrade is starting continue to spin and nothing happens. (I’m patient and have waited hours both times, without success.)

  132. mohammad kanan says:

    I need the version to setup fresh copy

  133. Teresa Mark says:

    What do I have to do in order to take advantage of your Free Upgrade as soon as possible?? The computer I have is 8.1 and I purchased it two years ago. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  134. IVAN says:


  135. Eliza says:

    Would it take away programs like jaws? That is an assistive program that only works on p. c.

  136. Gary Giese says:

    I do not want the upgrade to Windows 10. Someone please tell me how to avoid it.
    Gary Giese

  137. Tiffany Harris says:

    I want to handle my scandle

  138. Sampath Wasanth Fernando says:

    I’m using windows 10 by upgrade offer, I want to know windows 10 upgrade offer will be end in 29th of July 2016 ?
    Yes or no….after will i pay for windows 10 os???

  139. David says:

    I need a product key with the download what do i do?

  140. jaiyan says:

    i want it

  141. erol says:

    helloo ppl want to, upgrade to Windows 10

  142. Bea Cook says:

    love this site !!!

  143. H M Jahangir says:

    its brilliant event of world

  144. Eric P says:

    I had to return my computer to factor settings. I lost the windows 10 grade how do I get it back?

  145. JDKhang says:


  146. Leslie Phillips says:

    On an scale of 1 to 10, I am a 3 (according to my children) when it comes to electronics. I understand that I need to upgrade to Windows 10. I read the notices, bot I don’t see how to get it done. How will I know when it’s complete?

  147. Peter Lawlor says:

    I got an automatic upgrade to Windows 10, last August/ September 2015. Am not an IT Pro. Have 8+ years experience using the internet. Started on Windows Vista Home Premium. Got new PC December 2014. PC had Windows 8.1.
    Am having some problems since upgrade to 10. Just checked ‘What system I had on my PC’. Was informed system was 10, but an earlier edition. Was advised to contact Support.
    Please help, as I don’t know what to do. Thank you…

  148. arthur celestine says:

    thanks this will help alot

  149. pamela. noah says:


  150. ira says:

    hope it works

  151. ira says:

    can i upgrade my windows 10 if i all ready have home on my set it some errors on it it would help

  152. Whitney Hill says:

    I have tried to fix the error on my lap top that I can only connect to the internet using wifi and because of the ERROR that it gives me since the last update I have NO way to fix it, now that it give me the “no wifi connection error”!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  153. Hieu Nguyen says:

    I want to up date window 10 but we do not found link update on tab bar

  154. Quadarius T. says:

    Hey I’m confused about this Windows 8.1 RT not being able to upgrade to Windows 10 and I just want to know why we can’t upgrade or even have the same apps as the real Windows Store does. Please help me have a better understanding of this situation.

  155. abu tarek says:

    hi, I net to window upgrade for surface 3

  156. J B Gosai says:

    How do I upgrade my Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE with Windows 8.1 Update 2 to Windows 10? Thanks. Please acknowledge.

  157. Charles Williamson says:

    I had to reformat my Lenovo laptop to factory settings and require to download Windows 10 again please.

  158. Shelliey McNEely says:

    Ever since I downloaded windows 10 I have nothing but issues , my computer does what ever it wants HELP

  159. Ron Poire says:

    Upgrading sounds great, but I have assistive technology like Openbook from Freedom Scientific, and JAWS from the same company. I use these programs as I am blind. I have been steered away from “Edge” as a browser, because of its current unusability for persons who are blind.

  160. partha says:

    i have sony laptop e series. I want to know is it compatible for windows 10.please inform me.because I tried two times for installation its showing some please tell me how to upgrade windows 10.

  161. Jason Powell says:

    Windows 10 is great but every 2 months the windows icon on the bottom left cone will no longer work and I have to keep reinstalling windows 10. I lose all my apps. I have to right click on the window icon to shut down and have no access to apps. Can you please help me.

  162. kevin smalls says:

    I would like to try it out.

  163. Bryan Miller says:

    i will say i have started from first build and have learned alot my hat is off to you; thanks ; for the 10 pro and all the exsperince..

  164. mya says:

    verything is awesome

  165. DIANE EVEREST says:

    I have windows 7,i want to upgrade but nothing seems to be happening, when i try to download,don’t know what else to do.

  166. james okuly says:

    I have vista and want to up grade to windows 10 before the dead line how do I do it? or cant I?

  167. Amanda says:

    I think I might have updated, but I’m not to sure if I did. How do I know if I did?

  168. abdul momin says:

    support windows 10

  169. vaughn says:

    Ihade to upgrade two times and working no three and i like it give it a 5 think U good luck.

    1. Jack Ripper says:

      FUK U MS. I dont want your shitty OS. That is NOT more secure. Ansolute BS u fuks. Liers. But an OS that gives EVERYONE ACCESS TO MY EMAIUL, FILES, PICGTURES …ANYTIJE THEY FUCKING WANT…WELL FUCK YOU YOU CUNTS.

  170. KF says:

    So what will Microsoft do for people like my mom who is elderly and cannot adapt to a new system? She installed Windows 10 by mistake after I warned her not to and then was hopelessly lost. We paid big bucks for someone to return her laptop to Windows 7. I removed the files that were prompting her to instal but I know that inevitably it will happen again and she will obey the prompts. She is in her 80s and I hope is going to live for at least a few more years. Is she supposed to give up her computer for the rest of her life? My understanding is that all this is doing is delaying the inevitable and that she will have to switch — as we all will — sooner or later.

  171. i cant find product key….now what can i do ?

    1. Dave says:

      I have same problem there is no product key code so it is useless to down load Windows 10Just a waste of time

  172. Vik Sirivong says:

    I want to get the free window 10, but i want to install it on a different computer. How can I do that?

  173. Very nice if i used an android app and also google app

  174. lexie says:

    why can I not down load windows 10 without a password. that i forgot. do you have to a password

  175. have windows 7 want to upgrade to window 10

  176. upgrade to windows 10 , have windows 7

  177. willis woods says:

    How do I obtain the free upgrade of Windows 10?

  178. willis woods says:

    How do I obtain free upgrade of Windows 10

  179. willis woods says:

    How do I obtain the free download of Windows 10/

  180. SAMUEL says:

    it good

  181. Troy says:

    Not very user friendly.

  182. Sandra says:

    I absolutely do NOT want the upgrade at this time.

  183. Curtis Pettyjohn says:

    This is my second computer. It desperately needs an upgrade.

  184. MarcellaB says:

    I tried downloading Windows 10 twice with no success. The first time my computer tried it worked for 8-10 hrs. then I was told it couldn’t be done. After a repeat the second time I called Microsoft and was told my Windows 7 computer was too old and it should only take 45 min. to an hour to download. Is this true or just a scam to get me to buy a new computer?

  185. adam says:

    Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade is free for office purpose

  186. karim pk says:


  187. Kyle Gorham says:

    i would like windows 10

  188. bahman says:

    Accessibility and the Windows 10 Free Upgrade

  189. lestina james says:

    I’m having a lot of trouble wit window 10 is upgrading going and make it better it was good for a time but start giving a lot of trouble

  190. Exa says:

    After downloading windows 10 my sound is not working and it was working just fine before I downloaded windows 10

  191. SANDRA ALRIDGE says:

    I keep getting error messages when I try to download Windows 10. How can I install Windows 10?

  192. Merrill Lewis says:

    I bought this 8.1 they said I could download 10. How ??????
    I donot want ad crap. Is windows still in business or are you
    subbing out everything ?????

  193. Ed says:

    have vista….needed to upgrade…so i just bought windows 7…have it installed…tried to upgrade to windows 10…..get to the last 99 percent and it never completes install….help please Ed

  194. Mary says:

    I agree with Sudath…I do not want to upgrade to Windows 10 but they make me feel like I have no choice. I will keep changing the date on the notice till I get past July 29th but I’m afraid I will forget one time and I’m stuck with it. Even if I don’t forget I have a feeling it’s still going to continue to pester me. How do I stop this madness ? I DO NOT WANT TO DOWNLOAD WINDOWS 10 !!!!

  195. Linda Basham says:

    I am not computer literate. So any help on the computer is very much appreciated. This is a out dated computer. The up grade would be great. I am struggling to keep up, and i am constantly reminded this will be good therapy. so i am very happy for the up grade.

  196. Rara says:

    I want to upgrade my windows to windows 10.
    so, when i can do it? please give me some information about when and what i have to do for upgrade my windows??

  197. Winston Gordon says:

    99% complete error code OxcO6dOO7f windows10

  198. Nadia says:

    I have an genuine Windows 7 operating system key, I would like to upgrade to windows 10, but would like to know what will happen when I need to reformat my PC. How do I install Windows 10 then and what key should I use. I would not like to make a backup of my system and restore when I reformat. When I reformat I like to start from scratch and reinstall everything from scratch.

  199. Ken McCoy says:

    I upgraded to windows 10 it worked for a while and now it does not, I cant find information on how to fix the problem

  200. eunasser says:

    I dont think so Microsoft obligate everybody to use Windows 10 if you wont! But i really keep a full installer copy for boot and reinstall in case my computer lose actually Windows 7. Many people have cd restores from manufacturer companies and they only can install a fresh copy from vendor (windows 7, 8, 8.1) but if you want W10 again? Its my feeling!

  201. joseph r tayler says:

    lap top is on windows 10 does not want to automaticaly upgrade

  202. Kellyco says:

    Trying to update my storage? Wants a code, I don’t have one

  203. Dwi Ahmad says:

    I just want to ask you,
    I am using windows 8.1 before, then i try to upgrade it to windows 10 but something bad happened. the video card or the VGA aren’t detected, so i decided to downgrade it to windows 8.1 again. the question, when free windows 10’s offer is end, can i upgrade it again to windows 10 with free?
    because my windows 10 was activated before..

  204. Petra Ritter says:

    I am a screen reader user.
    How I register for the free update after the deadline for the cenelal free uptate?

  205. Mortensen says:

    I would like it very much to upgradw to windoiws 10 again. There is something wrong with the edition I have on my laptop now,- So a fast upgradre would be wishfull for me.

  206. koos says:

    my computer was approved for windows 10, no all of a sudden it is illegal. explain. Koos

  207. sagunigie says:

    i wan window 10 free upgade

  208. sagunigie says:

    I wan window 10 free upgrade

  209. Shaun Ang says:

    i could nnot install even downloaded but once install window 10 will hang does anyone know how to sovle this thing

  210. Robert Hackland says:

    I had the update and lost some of my icons on my desktop. I understood all of my icons would be on my desktop after the update. I have spent 3 hours trying to find the lost icons.

  211. just recently updated my laptop and it is now asking for a product key i was never given one and have had the free upgrade from 8 to 10 for quite some time now how can i resolve this issue

  212. Ezzzymoney says:

    Why is my Samsung 7 not compatible for windows 10

  213. runee says:

    what i must do after download and install windows 10, there is no different changes from windows 7 ultimate..tq

  214. samar gomes says:

    upgrade pocess automatically

  215. Gilbert says:

    Still experience Wins 10

  216. Randi says:

    How do I get my free upgrade to windows 10 on my surface. I have tried the web site many times and just go in circles. I received my Surface a few years ago for my 70th birthday, I love it, it goes everywhere with me. I know what the grands are up to now…. But I would really like windows 10…. thank you

  217. Ciesielski Ryszard says:

    I’d like windows 10 Free upgrade.

  218. Yasin Arafat says:

    this is awesome

  219. Michel R says:

    How to upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 10 ?
    Thank’s in advance for your help



  221. KHALED says:


  222. Donna Shorrock says:

    Like the sound of t
    Windows 10 – do not want t miss getting it.

  223. Patricia Staples says:

    trying to download free window 10 it say you get a free upgrade before July 29,2016 so am trying to download it and i don’t have my on website if that what you are asking

  224. Michael Goldfarb says:

    Currently using windows 11. Prefer to go back to windows 10.

  225. Eileen Gottbeheat says:

    Why is windows 10 only free to the people that are running Windows 7 or 8.1? I’m running Vista and would like the chance for the free upgrade as well. The price for the upgrade makes it cheaper to go and buy a new pc.

  226. b25490500 says:


  227. b25490500 says:

    I want to get the free window 10,

  228. ioah says:

    I want to, upgrade to Windows 10

  229. jeannette kreiner says:

    I continue to receive update emails but when I click on the links I get returned to same pages in circles and no download accessibility

  230. James Martin says:

    having trouble upgrading to windows 10

  231. I want security protection

  232. Richard says:


  233. AMIT PATEL says:

    windows 10 is very nice

  234. TERRY CASON says:


  235. J R WILMOT says:

    I need to download contacts etc.. from my 410meg Nokia as it has to be fixed

  236. Smart move you guys There are users who don’t want to upgrade yet because of either known or perceived incompatibilities, and this will

  237. Arman says:

    Smart …. smart and smart !

  238. it’s very difficult to consentrate for a lot of parents with not a lot of time

  239. logie Frans says:

    upgrade voor windows 10

  240. GIRISH SINGH says:


  241. dora rendon says:

    Any good remarks for using Windows 10 on my Microsoft Lumina windows mobile phone?

  242. Taylor says:

    I want to go back to my Windows Home Premium SP1 I’m having a lot of compatibility issues with Windows 10.

  243. Taylor says:

    Can i get a copy of windows 10 now and wait to activate it later when there is when there is more support for my hardware.

  244. HAMIN WALLA says:

    I’ll be thanks to get windows 10

  245. Rachelle says:

    I love windows 10. Once you learn the system, its not difficult. Just try looking at the platform from a different perception.

  246. Jacob says:

    I am a person with visual impairment using NVDA screen reader. worse enough, screen readers are not compatible with microsoft edge. although microsoft insists us to continue using Internet explorer, we also want to use the accessible new beyond browser with many new features. otherwise, people with visual impairment will run away from Windows 10!

  247. Jeffery Bird says:

    where can I get free upgrade

  248. so where can I download a copy of this??

  249. Israel says:

    i want to upgrade windows 10 now and it does not let me

  250. Srinivas Thadela says:

    Unable to open startmenu by clicking on it & at the same time unable to open calendar, time etc along with control panel keys.
    Do the needful by fixing my problem. Currently I’m using Windows 10 OS for my PC.

  251. Ten Days says:

    I removed my windows 7 when using windows 10 evaluation version. I liked it but cannot get my old windows key. How can I keep the windows 10 using free offer. Help

  252. Gustavo Amaral says:

    I used to have windows 10.. but downgraded because It kept lagging so downgraded.. but now i want to go back to windows 10! Pleaseeeeeee

  253. pratik says:

    how to active win10

  254. Jeff K says:

    Great product, loading second time due to my error. In working to free up access to my computer saw at detailed level the strength of 10 versus 7.0

  255. Ami Paddockm says:

    This is rediculous!! Advertisements have finally convinced me to upgrade for “Free” to windows 10 on my tablet and my windows phone. I now spent the last hour and a half using my precious data attempting to find an icon or something that would allow this miraculous “free” upgrade, just to be re-routed once again to the store to purchase items and accesories that have nothing to do with my request to upgrade, and then to find out via the small print that unless I am a softwear engineer, I most likely would never be able to preform the rocket science required to actually upgrade my devices. So, once again, very dissatisfied with Microsoft in general. Rethinking my device choices.

    1. Oh just STOP your Damn Wining & Go Spend 2 Grand for a Piece of S***T APPLE! LOL (Which should stay & only be allowed to be a fruit, it’s an Insult to the Fruit to have the same name… just call it a Mac or ^^^ LOL!!!

  256. enrique says:

    is this 100% free of charge before and after July 29th? i like windon7. if i download before the 29th is still free? I am using google chrome.

  257. I want Windows 10 .

  258. Can I have the free windows 10?

  259. Kiev Knight says:

    I updated to Windows 10 and now the program is asking for a new activation key for some odd reason.

  260. alvin shook says:

    I love windows 10 couldn’t get any better

  261. Sharon L. says:

    Out of my 3 PC’s, all with Windows 7 or 8 valid licences, one (with Windows 7) did not offer Windows 10 upgrade. When I tried to initiate it nothing happened.
    As is the computer gets stuck on updates for many hours each time so I am anxious to upgrade it to see if that will help.
    How can I install Windows 10?

  262. Susana Alves says:

    this update is also free and legal for windows 7 pro and windows 8 pro?

  263. Howard Kindred says:

    Great so far so good?

  264. Moh Galuh Saidul Anam says:


  265. yvon mallet says:

    I already have windows 10 I purchase it 1 year ago . I’m retired and all you want is more money windows 10 need upgrade I paid for windows 10 and every time I want to used it I need to pay more for something that was working .how you want me to pay more to used email. I may as well change to apple

  266. sthembiso says:

    hi want window 10

  267. Kintziger Rene says:

    Installation Windows 10 en francais<

  268. Phyllis Hopkins says:

    Just was notified to upgrade from Windows Live Mail 2012 to something? But says W10 already has upgrade installed…I do now have W10. Why do I then have to upgrade from W Live Mail. Also, how do i do this upgrade if needed. I think I already have the new version of email.

  269. Gerald Feingold says:

    On trying to upgrade from windows 8.1 to windows 10, I receive a error message 0x8007000d.
    What does that mean

  270. sana khalid says:

    i need product key of window 10

  271. Lisa says:

    Hi, Ive got this error message on my computer 0x85050041. Can no longer send e-mails etc. I believe that has something to do with syncing and have looked up the error remedy messages etc. The trouble is that when i bought my computer form Hearvy Norman, they had pre loaded windows, and now I cant seem to fix as I need a disk.

  272. Ana Reyes says:

    Me gustaría actualizar

  273. Lloyd Whittlesey says:

    ihave a laptop that was was running windows 7 preinstalled that I bought from bestbuy…I was doing the windows 10 upgrade and was somewhere around the 80% complete mark when I had a power failure and now I can’t get back into my pc and its asking for the original windows disc which bestbuy never gave me…what can I do??

  274. Jeremy says:

    I have a xbox one and aint able to download anything without having windows 10

  275. Barry Bentley says:

    I have windows XP home edition installed service pack 3 with a processor of 64bits and 2,01Ghz with 2,75GB Ram I’m interested in the Free Download of Windows 10. Can you kindly advise when available. Thanks. BB

  276. juan carlos says:


  277. Maurice Miller says:

    How can I make sure I am registered as disabled within the Microsoft site? Please email me the answer in addition to posting it on the site, as I am having much difficulty negotiating the site. Thank You In Advance! Again, the email address is

  278. Fernando Manzanares says:

    I have Windows 10 in my PC, but the version of DirectX is 11.2, I want update to version DirectX 12.

  279. Earl says:

    I have the upgrade assistant,but nothing happens.Should I just wait for msn or what?

  280. carmen says:


  281. Rajesh Patel says:

    Pl send a setting of windows 10 hope u will help to install it in my supported windows phone 8.1….😊

  282. RIZA ARIF says:

    I hope this is forever

  283. Tommy says:

    Hi, can I install first windows 8.1 on my android tablet and then upgrade to windows 10? Please send me some link by which I can check compatibility of my tablet’s hardware to do so. Thanx

  284. Ahora vere las bondades del sistema para emitir una opinion.

  285. Dale Warren says:

    I do not want the windows 10 upgrade. Please stop forcing this on me!!!!

  286. buasorn says:


  287. shivakumar Heroor says:

    Hi, just I wanted to upgrade to my previous operating system.

  288. GAbriela Hernandez says:

    Buen día tengo una computadora sony vaoi que me regalaron hace como 5 años, para actualizar a windows 10 necesito la clave o licencia o algo asi, porque lo unico que tengo es la etiqueta que trae pegada por la parte de atras la computadora, con eso es suficiente??? gracias, espero su respuesta.

  289. Jose Cardona Martinez says:

    deseo que me llegue toda la información en español gracias

  290. Jose Cardona Martinez says:

    deseo toda la información en español gracias

  291. Thank You Somuch that you issues blog me

  292. Roberto says:

    Que debo hacer para entrar a Windows 10

  293. Javier Chacon says:

    quisiera saber como hacer funcionar autocad 2014, en Windows 8.1, ya que no funciona.

  294. Deblauwe says:

    je souhaiterais passer de W10 PRO à W10 FAMILLE

    est-ce possible ?

  295. Quero passar para windows10

  296. Patricia Uribe says:

    Hi. About 5 years ago, I bought through Amazon a Dell mini laptop with Window 7 Starter. A few years later the computer was hacked, but I never formatted the disk. I upgraded to Windows 10 for free, and now I want to format the disk and reinstall Windows 10. Can you send me a disc with the OS for free, please? Thanks in advance.

  297. roberto castillo says:

    me puede enviar la contraseña pa actualizar wndos 10 gracias

  298. manuel iturria says:

    espero que sea mejor y no haya incompatibilidad

  299. Prezados Amigos, Tá complicado conviver com este Windows 10… Tinha o Windows 8 que funcionava bem…Veio o 8.1…Começaram os problemas…Veio a indução ao Windows 10…Tudo piorou…O Internet Explorer parou de funcionar bem …Tudo ficou mais lento…Nos ajudem…Trabalho com a internet 24 hrs …e dependo do Windows…Me liguem, por favor…Não quero ter que formatar meu notebook.Telefones : 61 – 9 9819-3113—9 8403-3789.

  300. vikash Kumar says:

    Sir,I have Lumia 520 windows phone 📱 and I want to do upgrade windows 10 OS in this phone.
    It will work my phone or not…

  301. Charan Singh says:

    what are the system requirements for windows 10?
    How much data to be downloaded?

  302. victor ramos says:

    need help upgrade windows 10

  303. Marcos Cavalcanti says:

    Gostaria de receber a promoção do Windows 10

  304. suresh says:

    hi i ned windows 10 for upgrading please give me a guide to upgrade from 7.x version

  305. Don Bottoms Jr. says:

    I’ve been trying to upgrade to Windows 10 for almost a week. It will slowly load & STOP @ 99%. What is wrong? Can someone out there help me out here?

  306. Boonpradit W says:

    Thank you very much for Windows 10 on mobile!:-)

  307. Gloria Tremblay says:

    I am 73 and l like new challenges. So I got myself tangled into Windows 10. How do I find my e-mails and Facebook quickly. I still don’t find google. Help!

  308. Yii says:

    Is upgraded to windows 10 will reformat the computer?
    All file, photo will be delete?

  309. I Thanking You somutch that you grant me this site

  310. My equip has a problem and like

  311. Carolyn Thurston says:

    I am eager to get the upgrade and try to stay updated on new technology.

  312. Wim says:

    How can i get rid of those blue balloons each time i start my computer saying ” Windows 10 is arrived “? i don`t want to update my windows 7 cause ive heard nothing good about that step to free download Windows 10

  313. Michelle says:

    I have tried a great number of times to upgraded but have not been able to. I have even updated drivers but still unable to update. Computer stops updating at 32% on 6% driver update. It is not because I have been inpatient I have left computer for over 6 days

  314. Alexander Ristic says:

    I don’t like to upgrade new version & would like to stay in Windows 8. so how can I do it, cause now they are always remind to me upgrade for this windows 10.

  315. Dan Lococo says:

    I use screen reading technology and programs that are not supported under Windows 10. I do not wish to lose access to this offer simply because I cannot afford to upgrade my assistive software at this time and cannot afford to lose accesss to the software I use to support my university studies. How can I be assured this won’t happen?

  316. Howell Epperly says:

    I have gone through the Window 10 free install more than once, but my system still says I am Windows 8.1 and I keep getting messages to make the Windows 10 install.

    I don’t know what I am not doing correctly.

    Please help
    Howell Epperly

  317. Rangi Aumua says:

    Hi there, I hope I have come through the right channels but i am needing some help with my windows 10 upgrade which i did about 4 to 6 weeks ago and now I am not able to access all the apps that use to come up with windows 8 like word, excel etc, also the sleep, restart and on/off button because this is where the upgrades come through. When i click on the 4 window icon thing which is in the bottom left hand corner it doesnt open up any more so i cannot access apps and things that i use to with windows 8. I have never had a problem before so i am not sure what is going on. Would someone be able to help me out with this or show me how to go back to windows 8 if possible. This problem only started last week. Thanks

  318. fran says:

    please upgrade my device to window 10

  319. Randall Basler says:

    Thank you for the upgrade

  320. sebastian says:

    hola e tenido problemas al actualizar mi pc a wimdows 10 ya que me pide la clave del producto y no tengo ningun correo que la tenga ni tampoco tengo disponible la caja del dvd que podria hacer en este caso?????

  321. Naser says:

    how i do update windows 10

  322. demetrio agquiz jr says:

    i just want to be sure that there are no more issues in the drivers especially the vga onboard video is sis mirage 3,

  323. Denise simmons says:

    Windows 10 was downloaded to my medical service laptop this am. Without my permission. Now it wants a password for me to log on to computer. I await medical reports . Need assistance ASAP cannot lose 800 medical files. Denise Simmons. Wil send copy to ombudsman communication n solicitor if not rectified immediately. 0400646027

  324. Lanz says:

    How do I upgrade to windows 10

  325. Beniers Diana says:

    I can’t upgrate windows 10 wy can’t I
    can you help me to do it

  326. Triphon De Meulenaere says:

    ik ben zo vertrouwd met Windows 7 dat het mij moeilijk is om een voorstelling te krijgen van wat is nu juist Windows 10.
    Ik heb nog nooit een voorstelling gezien van Windows 10 en dit schrikt mij een beetje af, ook gezien mijn leeftijd 78 jaar.
    Waar kan ik terecht op een voorbeeld te zien aub ??
    Met vriendelijke groeten

  327. bill gates says:

    this page is worthless and exactly why it’s called the INTERCRAP!!!

  328. alvin shook says:

    Love the windows 10 program sofar.

  329. I david McDuffie try with all my mite to get on this computer with out people on it stopping me from finishing my task.I have won the glory of GODS words the true will be known.yaba,daba do.moreover it affirms that the children need different things to do in there lifes to look forward to betters things to be, and to see. in the farther the son, and the holy ghost. in Jesus name AAAman:

  330. ali says:

    activate kay

  331. When can I get upgrade for my Nokia Lumia Windows 635?

  332. Wilson Vergueiro Júnior says:

    Possuo um PC Dell Vostro 260s e estou tentando instalar o Win 10 , sem sucesso.
    Código de erro: 1900101 2000C. Estou usando o win 7 home basic.
    Preciso de ajuda.

  333. Joyal Biju says:

    It is awesome. But the upgrade takes time. I want upgrade windows 10 without using the internet but it is not possible.

  334. Kisoensingh says:

    Ik werk tevreden ermee

  335. Jordan F says:

    I have several users that have upgraded to windows 10 and in the event, I need to rebuild these individuals computer after the July 29th date is there a way to obtain a windows 10 installation media. The media that comes with computers are that of version 7 or 8 and I have easily been able to get them to 10 but soon will not be able to. Does Microsoft have a solution for this?

  336. gigi says:

    windows 10 download

  337. Dzulikram says:

    1 already installed the windows 10 and still in progress, then it will shut down many times, and sudden it back to normal which is back to windows 7. why ??

  338. Howard Joskowitz says:

    I did it it’s awful how do I go back

  339. Brian Gage says:

    The labelling could do a better job here. It says “edit” “required”, but not what is required. It takes a bit of thought to realize that it means a comment.
    Okay, so here’s a comment. I hate Bing. I would like to do unspeakable things to most of the Microsoft programmers. Besides that, these constant inovations and so-called improvements are shit. I was doing fine with Windows XP. What blind person needs all these 3D graphics improvements? I’d be happy to go back to DOS 2.1.

  340. mostafa says:


  341. mostafa says:

    Smart move, you guys. There are users who don’t want to upgrade yet because of either known or perceived

  342. Allan Cazaly says:

    Just had a chat regarding the following:
    Missing file: RunDLL

    Program File (x86)\Surf_Canyon\TBUpdater.dll

    on start up

    module could not be found.
    MS Chat ended call, without resolving my problem – WHY?
    I will now check and see if it was automatically updated and resolved – but that wasn’t the info I received!
    Now I don’t know how I can solve this and I am annoyed that your “Chat-Man” didn’t bother to confirm if I understood and if the problem was resolved!

    I was left hanging in the air, without knowing what had happened
    I’m not a happy bunny

    Now signing off – Please send me a BACS program to reinstall the missing file, (And how to install it),
    to my email address

    Regards, ~Allaan Cazaly~ (UK)

  343. hajim says:

    thank you

  344. john barnett says:

    i would like to upgrade to windows 10 plase the information was great yours john barnett


    Buenos dias

    Me enviaron la informacion para realizar la actualizacion a windows 10, mi portatil tiene windows 8, tengo una duda frente al paquete microsoft, oficce en cuanto a word, excel, power point y demás no se si este viene incluido en la actualización, o como se hace para que no se borre el que tengo no me encuentro muy segura de actualizar no se si se borre mis archivos que tengo (información, fotos), me podrian colaborar.

  346. Ali Langarizadeh says:

    Hi 🙂
    I want to upgrade to win 10, but a huge amount of data that must transfer or convert (before installing), stop me … I’m in the middle of transfering/converting …

  347. Mary Lipps says:

    Can I put my computer on an upgrade list if I can not upgrade prior to 7/30/16

  348. Youngno3y says:

    ex girlfriend Shareina Hall hacked & broke my computer .. shared my home network & is still doing it now … her number is 5622208450

  349. Arthur Gustavo Pantoni Muller says:

    Personally, I have a Dell System XPS L502X with a motherboard Model: 0NJT03 (CPU), Version: A00, Chipset Vendor: Intel Chipset Model: Sandy Bridge Chipset Review: 09 Seller Southbridge: Intel, Model Southbridge: HM67, Southbridge review: B3, Intel Core i7 2630QM with Intel HD Graphics 3000 and NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M, which apparently is compatible with Windows 10 (for the alert generated by the reserve copy, since mine is is with Windows 7 Professional – SP1). I went further and found that DELL has not tested this model and has no way to ensure that the migration will be completed successfully and found several negative posts stating that gave all error to the point of having to format the equiapamento, and some positive and partially positive saying that everything went well. As soon as the term ends on 07/29/2016 I do not her to do. Therefore, I do not know if I try to migrate to the risk of losing it all (since not always back up help unless an ISO disk image) or not do the migration?

    1. Arthur Gustavo Pantoni Muller says:

      Support of Intel said that the 2nd Generation Intel Core processor family graphics are supported in Windows 8.1 , but not Windows 10. You can see the list of supported operating system for Intel graphics products on The Following site : .com / content / www / en / en / support / graphics- drivers / 000005526.html # core then I’m in doubt , because the processor is not compatible as Windows 10 software update says that your computer is compatible.

      1. Twyla Ramsey says:

        any suggestions as what to do

  350. jeri says:

    count me in

  351. Roger says:

    I want to update to win10
    Because I don’t want to the data in my computer will be vanish
    when it enforce my computer to update.
    but how can i update , i don’t no how to do

  352. Guilherme says:

    Ok. Thanks. I like in this moment.

  353. Edwin says:

    Is there any possibility to rollback to windows 7? My home laptop was fast for a while then now it is slow as a snail.
    I have passed the one month rollback grace period.
    Alternatively, is there a way to freshly install the windows, or prepare a restoration DVD like windows 7?

  354. Dimitrios Karydis says:

    Is Windows upgrade offer function also to Windows XP or Windows Vista ?

  355. matru prasad naik says:

    can i upgrade windowss 10 in my asrock G31m-s fsb 1600 DDR2 800 DUAL CHHANEL MOTHERBOARD

  356. Toan says:

    I like window 10 because It is very good

  357. Utsav says:

    I’m using windows 10 already. when I know about free upgrade of windows 10 I had tried to check for updates but no updates are showing on screen. so pleae can you tell me what is the metter

  358. Nagarjuna Reddy says:

    I want a free upgrade.

  359. Diana Clarke says:

    I have Windows Live Mail which end today in Guatemala. I have Outlook as well. Should I remove Windows Live Mail and Messager?

  360. tiffany clackum says:

    i didn’t receive the digital product key that came with this upgrade of windows in my email please resend it I wasn’t able to activate my windows

  361. ivan says:

    Muy bueno

  362. pk karim says:


  363. clemore says:

    window 10 it doesnt want to install whats the problem?

  364. Shane says:

    Hi there I have had Windows 10 Installed & the day after I started having so many issues that really pissed me off – I went back to Windows 8.1 & had no issues – I have had more that 15 people asking me to take their computer back to the windows that they had before Windows 10 as some had sound , start menu, freezing, not shuting down & many more issues – my advice stay away from Win10

  365. Carole says:

    I tried to install Windows 10 and now my windows 7 Desktop is flashing on and off and I can’t get on the internet or open anything. Please give me some help. I’ll be happy to go back to windows 7

  366. Carole says:

    I tried to install windows 10 and now can’t connect to internet or open anything. Windows 7 desktop keeps flashing on and off. Please advise what I do next.

  367. Carlos Guenavds says:

    siempre libre

  368. Ching says:

    Had my windows10 upgraded earlier. But PC crashed. So I have to rebuild back to Windows7. How can I do the upgrade to Windows 10?
    This site does nothing.

  369. Merckx says:

    Its free now, but for how long or against witch price for de next years ?

  370. Rushi says:

    I want o conti.. with wind10 after the the dead that possible

  371. Nestor Benegas says:

    Hay manera de tener un Windows 10, sin poseer licencia anterior?.. gracias

  372. jaun rodriguez says:

    I win 7 pro BUt I have to win 10 pro can you send me

  373. jorge says:

    intento bajar la actualizacion, pero me notifica que debo activar windows. active aquí. clikeo, pero no activa. ¿como activo windows? gracias.

  374. abeyie says:

    iwant uppgrade but my window 7 no activate

  375. I am not sure if I already have windows 10 – I thought I had. If I haven’t, please have you a button I can push to install it?

  376. james lopez says:

    I do I apply for windows 10..have windows 7 now…

  377. kwamenichols says:

    unlink contacts from my yahoo

  378. shaker says:

    I need help when you upgrade assistant installing windows 10 shows me when you open the application operating system: Contact your system administrator to upgrade windows server versions or Enterprise

  379. Marcelo Caliso Tchikulupiti says:

    Very good this versio Windows 10

  380. Kamar says:

    Das ist sehr gut Windows

  381. Amin says:

    Please send the information Thx

  382. mmvandeven says:

    hoe kan ik weer windows 10 terug halen mijn laptop staan nou windows 7 in het engels van af dat ik 10 heb verwijdered kan geen update meer doen en ook niet herstellen wie kan mijn er bij helpen om het zo terug zetten in windows10

  383. Jeff Coombs says:

    I am quite happy with Windows 7 Ultimate and don’t want to upgrade to Windows 10 being I have heard that there are still several problems with it. I use my P.C. everyday so don’t want a window that is always playing up.

  384. william mejia says:

    I need to reinstall my windows 10 I like to know how I can do that

  385. Dickie Timms says:

    still learning would like to stay in the game!!

  386. agung says:

    my notebook is win 7 starter SP1, can i upgrade to win 10?

  387. aida says:

    hi……….how do i get the product key………managed to download the free update

  388. Rita Denaro says:

    I have ZoomText 9.1. I’m wondering how I should install Windows 10. When I try to install Windows 10, I get a message saying that the Display is not compatible. Can you tell me what I should do?

    1. Rita, check with AI Squared about which versions of Zoomtext are compatible with Windows 10.

  389. f3rdthompson says:

    i got a new laptop with windows 10 HOME on it from HP, I was windows 10 home insider preview on old laptop that died. now i must pay for 10 when i had it on this pc?

  390. Freda Levesque says:

    Can’t wait to get the upgrade!

  391. Cynthia Avey says:

    Help why is my windows 10 that was free forever saying that expires on July 15th why is this doing this to me I got it for 100% free forever so why are you taking it away from me? Help how come I am getting now expiring why???? This was to be a free forever upgrade now why why is this happening? Help fast please ty.

  392. Shelara Martin says:

    I downloaded windows 10 and now I am having issues staying connected to the internet. Do I need a product code in order for this to work correctly? Thank you for your time.


  393. cj moran says:

    will it tell me to put in a product key or is it fully free to use

  394. victor ramos says:

    ineed help upgrade windows 10

  395. donna brook says:

    when I bought my laptop it was on windows 8 when I upgraded to windows 10 I had a lot of problems and I had to reinstall windows 10 and now it keeps saying the product key I have entered is not valid and ive always used that product key can u please either send me the link so I can go back to windows 8 with a active product key or send me one for windows 10 cos both windows 8 and 10 was activated till I had problems with my computer

  396. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do in this box. More detailed directions would help I think.

  397. manjula says:

    help me update windows 10

  398. Twyla Ramsey says:

    getting error code 0x80070070 have plenty of disc space what’s the problem

  399. LOU CRISSMAN says:

    take your advertisement off my computer. I am tired of six months of you windows 10 pop ups. please unsubscribe me. I am tired of it.

  400. Mildred Carter says:

    I already have Windows 10. Does it need additional upgrades?

  401. Fiquei sabendo que o Windows 10 é bom, por isso, revolvi atualizar meu Notebook do Windows 7 para o Windows 10.

  402. Tony P says:

    Why can’t I download the free Windows 10 upgrade and install it later? Why shou I pay $119.00 after the update ends when I can have it on my desktop to install it WHEN I WANT TO!
    If you ar going to offer this upgrade for free, then let me save it for a future installation. Ohterwise this would be cosidered a ‘bait and switch” which is ILLEGAL!

  403. Matthew says:

    Will I still be able to upgrade other computers with Windows 7/8/8.1 with a Windows 10 USB stick even after July 29th?

  404. john burt says:

    I would like the windows 10 upgrade.

  405. graham hall says:

    If I download the free version of windows 10 but don’t install it before the 29th of July can I still install it for free after that date if I save the download. I previously downloaded and installed it but had lots of problems with it. In the end it caught a virus and I couldn’t get anything to work so I had to set my laptop back to factory settings and reinstall windows 8.1. I have windows 8.1 working really good just how I want it to and would like to stay on it a bit longer. Is windows 8.1 still going to be supported

  406. thank you so much for this windows 10. Love it

  407. poodygirl says:

    I would like to get the upgrade to win 10

  408. i want my windows 10 trial become full version of windows `10

  409. Suchai Charoenkitmongkol says:

    Ok very grand in my sysstem and more thank you

  410. Francisco Colon says:

    license expire august 4 2016

  411. ronak says:

    i am not able to upgrade to windows 10, please help

  412. Antonio Fernandez Lage says:

    me aparece una actualizacion de Windosw 10 y me da errorOxc1900200; ya tengo instalado windows 10 ¿como puedo hacer?

  413. Erik B says:

    Already tried a dozen of times to upgrade to windows 10, upgrade adviser is telling me that my system is compatible, but every time installation is aborted by a error, apparantly there is someting wrong with my Gforce 640m card. so maybe a good idea to first solve all these issues b4 pushing Windows10 to every customer.

    I wonder wheather yo could even TRY to help-me-out…???? : My problems is , when my NOTE was brand NEW ( DELL , i7 , 5ª Generation , end of 2014 ) , the very first time I worked on it , It happened that I “”Was Granted”” AUTOMATICALLY with a TOTALY FREE UPGRADE to Windows 10 , UAÚ……….. THAT WAS AWESOME…….
    So , I worked with Windows 10 for , let´s say 06 Months , without ANY problem. Suddenly , the screen turned BLUE , and I could use anymore vmy NOTE. So |I performed a SW and a HW restart , and my NOTE downgrades to Windows 8.1.
    My question is , coud you teach me How to upgrade back to Windows 10 for FREE and very QUICKLY ???….
    I Want To Thank You ALL , In Advence ……………….
    CEL:. +55 12 996 167 097
    AVENIDA BRAZIL , Nº 485 , APTO – 25
    CEP. : 12.287-020
    CAÇAPAVA – Estado de SÃO PAULO

  415. marcio says:


    If I stay with my old windows I will never need to pay for anything and will be forever. is not it?
    Now if I do the upgrade to windows 10 after 1 year I have to pay something to continue using it. is not it?

    If yes how much should I pay after 1 year to continue using the windows 10 ???



  416. Lucimeire says:

    qero atualizar para windows 10

  417. Thanking You Sir that your kind corporate and I hoping to that you grant me windows 10 free

  418. denis lybe says:

    Please keep me posted on all upgrades. I want and need them. I recently purchased anew DELL Inspiron They are extremely helpful..
    Thank you.. Denis L.

  419. I am having trouble downloading the new windows 10 upgrade system. PLEASE HELP!!!

  420. sherri says:

    Thank you for the extra time!

  421. Rose says:

    why does my store app not working

  422. Mushtaq Ahmad says:

    Please reserve Windows10 for me when accessibility issues are solved.

  423. Roberto says:

    thanks if you can send me window 10. I have now Window7 Professional

  424. Grzegorz L. says:

    How to download this update to windows 10??? Because I have this problem :/

  425. Helen says:

    I don’t understand…

  426. baran says:

    upgrade windows 10 x64 build 10240 enterprise

  427. Ted says:

    Have Windows 10, on Insider (I think), started Emulation/images. After 25 minutes of watching “Installing” progress. went to look at open screens. My Progress page disappeared! Checking things out: the installation page is running! H0w long does it take? Why is there no “progress bar”?? It’s been running for over half an hour!! no indication of progress!! Who’s doing what here? Beats me, nothings happening, and I’m waiting!

  428. Mayur says:

    I want to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 but I am not getting notification.
    My laptop came up with Sony OEM windows 7 OS so I don’t have Product Key , only have Product ID. When contacted with Microsoft Support , they told me my Product ID is blocked thats why I am not getting notification.
    I didn’t understand in ” My Computer -> Properties ” I can see “Windows is active ” and Product ID. I can download windows update as well. And even sony support told me they didn’t block anything from there side.
    Help me to get notification for Windows 10 upgrade ?

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