New Story Features Microsoft Project that Uses Your Skin as a Keypad

Scientists and doctors are merging technology and the human body in breakthroughs that help people with a wide range of abilities, including a project by Microsoft researchers that is developing keypads for your skin, the Las Vegas Sun reports.

Today, doctors already can create prosthetic hands on 3-D printers and implant bionic limbs and joints, according to the newspaper. The future holds far more promising replacements and enhancements, the story adds.

Keypad arm implants: Imagine cellphone buttons lighting up the palm of your hand or a touchscreen on your forearm. Engineers are working to make both a reality. Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University and Microsoft Research designed a system that uses a person’s skin as an input device for electronics such as cellphones, MP3 players and gaming consoles. An armband uses a tiny projector to beam a digital interface onto your skin, then determines where you tapped based on differences in your anatomy. A Bluetooth connection sends the information to your device. -- “The body unlimited: Technological advances change life for those with disabilities — and without.” Las Vegas Sun. 6/22/14.
Check out the full story at the Las Vegas Sun.

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