The Initial Impact of Federal Rules to Encourage Employment of People with Disabilities

The federal government implemented new rules this spring that encourage the hiring of people with disabilities. A story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette explores the early impact of these new rules, which set a goal for both federal contractors and subcontractors to ensure that people with disabilities make up at least seven percent of their workforce.

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs estimates that more than 45,000 companies — a list that includes names such as Royal Dutch Shell, AT&T and Dell — are federal contractors or subcontractors.
Though disability advocates believe the changes will be helpful, some also believe companies need to create a more disability-friendly environment if they want any employees with disabilities to self-identify. Because of some of the stigmas associated with disabilities, employees might decide to keep their companies in the dark. -- “New rules giving people with disabilities more opportunities.” 5/4/14. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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