Learn How to Test Apps for Accessibility on the Windows App Builders Blog

When developers design apps that are accessible everyone can benefit. Over on the Windows App Builders Blog, a new story explains how developers can test the accessibility of their apps and check for key features, such as clearly visible text.

Whether you’re in the process of planning, developing or updating a Windows Store app, there are tools available to test your app. To help you get started, follow these tips and check out the convenient accessibility tools. 

  • Use standard controls and Visual Studio templates
  • Use the UI accessibility Checker (AccChecker)
  • Test keyboard accessibility by navigating with the Tab key
  • Verify your app by turning on Narrator
  • Verify the contrast ratio of visible text at W3C.org
  • Activate and verify your high-contrast assets
  • Verify your app by making everything bigger.

Read more at “Testing for accessibility in Windows Store apps.”


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  1. Joel Isaac says:

    I'm glad you thought enough of this subject to warrant and article, but some of the tips are vague; for instance, how much larger is "bigger"?  Additionally,, the W3C website is vast, is there a specific place where one would verify contrast ratios?

  2. jack epperson says:

    i want to disable the magnifier how do i accomplish this

  3. Kalpesh says:



    Ta: Vadanagar


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