Meet Ryan Asdourian: Microsoft Promoter; Seahawks Mascot; and MS Ambassador

Ryan Asdourian stays busy. He travels the world promoting Microsoft products in high-tech demonstrations. When he is back in Seattle he puts on a different type of show as the Seahawks mascot Blitz.

Then five years ago, the busy tech showman decided to take a third job, becoming an ambassador to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) after he was diagnosed with the disease.

Today, Asdourian sits on the board for the Greater NW chapter of the MS Society, runs the Team Blitz Pub Crawl fundraiser and forms a team for the annual MS Walk in Seattle. Last year, he raised more than $100,000 with both events. And Asdourian still has plenty of time and energy for his other two jobs promoting Microsoft products around the globe and the Seahawks in Seattle.

Read Asdourian’s story at Microsoft People: “Ryan Asdourian, Meet Microsoft’s master of high-tech showmanship.”

For more information on Ryan Asdourian’s MS fundraising efforts, to donate or learn more go to

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