Ai Squared and GW Micro Merge. New Company will continue to develop and support the Window-Eyes for Office Offer

Two leaders in assistive technology for vision-impaired users, Ai Squared and GW Micro, are merging, and the new company will continue providing the Window-Eyes screen reader.

The merger combines the maker of the screen magnifier Zoom Text, Ai Squared, with the creator of the popular Window-Eyes screen reader, GW Micro.

In January, Microsoft and GW Micro announced a new offer that allows customers who purchased and installed any version of Microsoft Office 2010 or later to download Window-Eyes for free. Read more details about the offer on the Microsoft Accessibility Blog. The newly merged company will continue to support the Window-Eyes offer for users of Microsoft Office.

"The merger of Ai Squared and GW Micro brings together two companies that offer great solutions for the millions of Microsoft customers around the world who are blind or visually impaired," said Rob Sinclair, Chief Accessibility Officer at Microsoft. "We are also delighted that Ai Squared will continue to develop and support the Window-Eyes for Office Offer as many of our customers rely on this screen reading solution to enable access to Windows, Office and other Microsoft products."

Read about the merger here: “Ai Squared and GW Micro Join Forces.”

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    disabled, pensioner, rural and untutored

    i would like english translation please

    what i would reall love is a box to appear and ask if you could fix the problems for me with a simple yes or no to press

    i would like the machine checked automatically at set times and then i could manage

    thank you very much

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