Closed Captioned-Videos Could Help All Students, Study Suggests

A new study found that a wide range of university students, not just those who are deaf or have limited hearing, could benefit from using closed-captioned videos in classrooms, Media Access Australia reported.

When a professor used videos with closed captions, college students appeared to pay attention and their performance improved, according to the case study.

"Not only were students talking about how much having the captions helped them as they took notes, their test scores went up," said (Robert Keith) Collins, (an assistant professor at San Francisco State University) in a media release. "During the baseline year, there were a lot of C [grades]. In the second years, they went from Cs, Ds and Fs to As, Bs and Cs. It was really significant improvement."

According to Collins, captioned video content helps to combat the reduced focus students experience as a result of using mobile devices and the internet. -- “Captions improve learning: study.” 10/14/13.

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