Three New Samsung Smartphone Accessories Show the Universal Appeal of Accessibility

Accessibility is increasingly a mainstream issue, as companies, developers and consumers recognize that accessibility is about giving all people, including people with disabilities, new tools and ways to interact with the world.

Samsung is one of the latest to expand the universe of accessibility by creating three new products for its Galaxy Core Advance smartphone, according to a new story. The new Optical Scan Stand starts a program that reads text placed in front of the smartphone out loud, Engadget reports. With new Voice Labels, users can record audio notes about devices in their homes, the story adds.

Perhaps the most impressive accessory of the three is Samsung's Ultrasonic Cover: a specialized case that uses sound waves to detect people or objects (in a two-meter radius), helping users navigate new surroundings by sending vibration or spoken alerts. -- “Samsung's new smartphone case uses ultrasound to detect people and objects.” Engadget. 3/14/14.

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