Featured App: Toggle

If you are like me, you might find yourself frequently changing system settings in the Windows Phone "Settings" app. For example, I travel quite a bit and find myself turning on and off "Airplane Mode" with enough regularity that digging for the switch in the Settings app is not ideal. Unfortunately I can't directly pin the Airplane mode setting to my start screen but there are some apps that will allow you to pin a shortcut. One of those apps is called Toggle. What I love about Toggle is that not only can I pin shortcuts for my favorite settings but I can access these using voice commands. For example, to open the airplane mode setting I can just long-press the windows button to activate speech commanding, then say "Toggle Airplane Mode". Like magic the Airplane Mode settings appear allowing me to flip the selection on or off to my liking.

To download Toggle, visit the Windows Phone App+Games Store at the following link:


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