Rearranging Windows 8 Start Screen Tiles using the Keyboard

One of the cool things about Windows 8 is the ability to customize the start screen by moving and arranging the tiles in a way that suits your own preference and style. When using a touch screen device the easiest way to do this is by sliding the tile you want to move either up or down, and then dragging it to the new position. But over the past several months I have been asked by several people how to achieve this using the keyboard, if for some reason using a touch screen is not possible.

To rearrange tiles on the start screen using a keyboard:

  1. Highlight the desired tile using the arrow keys
  2. Press and hold the ALT + SHIFT keys then use the UP and DOWN Arrow keys to move the tile to the desired location

Keep in mind that as you move down to the end of a column it will move the tile to the top of the next column.

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