Road to CSUN – Day 2 Recap – A World of Assitive Technology

After a successful first day, Gary and I started the second day energized. Much of this could be attributed to the absolutely comfortable pillows at the hotel. It seems like such a small thing, but for people like us who travel frequently, a comfortable pillow can make or break a hotel stay.

Our first stop was at Boundless Technology. Most of the AT products on the market are sold through distributors like Boundless. If you are a person or business that is in need to configuring computer system with assistive technology, systems integrators and distributors like Boundless serve that need. Both Gary and I have worked in this business for many years, but it was amazing to learn that Boundless carries more than 2000 assistive technology products through their catalog and on-line sales.

We continued our day with a visit to one of the many vendors supported by the Windows Ecosystem. Dr. John Gardner, Professor Emeritus of Physics at Oregon State University, founded ViewPlus Technologies in the mid 1990’s after losing his vision. As a physics professor he frequently relied on complex graphical information. But with the loss of his vision these graphics were essentially useless. Simply put, the mission of ViewPlus is to create products that make complex information easily accessible.

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