Episode 1 – The Road to CSUN Has Begun

The car is packed and we are on our way. Enjoy the first teaser episode of "The Road to CSUN".

Every evening Gary and I will be posting a recap of our day along with a new episode of "The Road to CSUN". If you would like to stay current on our daily progress, follow us on Twitter at @MSFTEnable.

Today Gary and I will be making two stops that both have a focus on how accessibility can help seniors take advantage of technology. Our first stop is in Bellevue, WA just down the street from the Microsoft campus. We will be visiting an organization named SeniorNet that provides older adults with education and access to computer technologies. Later, we will visit Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community in Tacoma, WA.

San Diego here we come!

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  1. edleary says:

    Looking forward to your 'senior' segment from today's short leg to Bellevue and Tacoma … if you get my drift.

    Safe travel gents, and what, no stretch limo ?  🙂

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