The Road to CSUN Starts Monday

On Monday, my colleague Gary Moulton and I will begin our adventure on the "Road to CSUN". The 9 day tour down the west coast will be a chance for us to tell stories about technology that don’t normally get shared. We are fortunate, in that our jobs provide us the opportunity to travel the world and meet people that know first-hand the importance of accessibility and technology. To many, accessibility is only visible when they see curb-cuts and automatic doors. But the effect that technology plays in the lives of some people goes much deeper than that. We have both seen the transformation that technology has had on the lives of people who experience the world in different ways and we want to share a few of these stories with you.

Early in the week we will visit an assistive technology supplier to better understand the diversity in AT products available in the market. Later in our trip we will tour a university and see how they use that same technology to provide access to education to the broadest range of students possible. We will visit a rural town to expose the challenge that some have with gaining access to technology. A few days later we will arrive in Silicon Valley where technology is adopted quickly and discarded just as fast.

We will depart the Microsoft Campus at 9:30am PST on Monday morning. You can follow us on Twitter (@MSFTEnable or #Road2CSUN) during the day, where we will share updates about our progress. Check this blog daily for longer updates and links to our daily videos.

I can't begin to tell you how excited Gary and I are to be taking such an unconventional route on our way to San Diego to attend the CSUN Conference.


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