Accessibility design competition is underway

The Imagine Cup kicked off this week! There are a ton of events happening, with students and judges engaged on in their compeitions. For Accessibility, there was a 24-hour competition, as part of the Interface Design competition. There are 6 teams competiting, from France, Canada, U.S., and China. Surya Vanka is the Interface Design captain, and I'm the Accessibility captain. We'll be posting an interview with Surya once we have a chance to do the final productions steps.

 For the 24-hour competition, the students were challenged to re-design a hypothetical mobile and web system. The room was full of anticipation when we handed over the problem statement. It was exciting to see the teams begin brainstorming and wrapping their heads around the problem parameters. Today, they presented their solutions and we were impressed with their talent. We announce the winner tomorrow, so I'll be able to blog more about the design problem and solution ideas after that.

If you want to find out more about the Imagine Cup overall, the main blog is at Bonjour!

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