The John Slatin Fund Accessibility Project

A group of people involved in the field of Web Accessibility has set up a project to honor John Slatin, the former co-chair of the WCAG 2.0 Working Group, and help advance his work in Web Accessibility.  From The John Slatin Fund Accessibility Project Web site:

The John Slatin Fund Accessibility Project matches accessibility experts with companies that would like a brief review of their site for accessibility. In return, the site owner is asked to contribute a minimum of $500 to The John Slatin Fund. The John Slatin Fund was established to help John’s beloved Anna offset the medical expenses incurred during John’s long illness.

I'll be volunteering, as will many well-known experts in Web Accessibility.  Quite a few of these people don't generally do consulting work, so this is really an unusual opportunity to have an evaulation done by an expert at a very reasonable cost.  It's also a fitting legacy to John. 

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