HPC Launches on Wall Street

Several of my HPC colleagues are in NYC this week for the official launch of Windows HPC Server 2008 R2, which includes the new HPC Services for Excel among other great new features. Check out the latest and greatest from HPC and Microsoft’s new Technical Computing initiative here.

Instant Search is Easy

Apparently some people thought Google’s new “Instant Search” feature, where searches are performed as you type, was pretty slick. Then they wrote their own using the public Bing APIs. You can play with it at binginstant.com. It’s always funny when features touted as revolutionary turn out to be really simple to throw together.

Loading Excel Add-Ins at Runtime

When automating Excel, the Excel.exe process should be started using the ‘/automation’ switch. This is done automatically when creating a new Microsoft.Interop.Excel.Application object, however if you want to keep track of the Excel processes created you may have to create the Excel process and then get a reference to the application associated with that process….