Imagine Cup 2012 Local Evening : Full project stories

“There is nothing like a dream to create the future.” Victor Hugo.

150 Belgian IT-students started off with a dream “solving the world’s toughest problems to make it a better world to live in ”. They signed up for the largest student competition- Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2012 – and used their imagination and passion for technology to reach their dreams. Currently 16 Belgian teams are still moving forward in the competition to the last milestone prior to the worldwide finals in Sydney. And rules of the competitions are very strict, being in this last stage is a proof of excellence and hard, dedicated work!

On Wednesday  May 2nd  we organise an  Imagine Cup 2012 – Brussels Event, for the Belgian participants in Imagine Cup 2012

· Discover dreams, passion and expertise : 9 teams will explain how they want to make it a better world: why,what and how will be elaborated during short presentations.

· Dream big, start small, move fast : No reason to keep on dreaming, we can make the difference here and now, by using these creative and innovative solutions. Are you ready?


18.00 – 18.30 : Welcome

18.30 – 18.40 : Introduction to Imagine Cup, Microsoft


18.40 – 19.20 Category Software Design (2 teams)

Team Euterpe (HEPL / ULG)

Having a good singing voice is a gift, a talent that we can boost by taking the right postures. Based Kinect technology you start recording and analysing posture and voice. Professionals can use this to identify thé ideal positions and once set, you can train yourself via Kinect to become the nightingale that cheers up the life of others with your bright voice !
Make a Sign (HEPL) Imagine you could not hear or speak ? Social interaction would all of a sudden become much more complex. Based on Kinect technology, Students have developed, an application to
- construct a sign database for all languages
- learn in a very convenient and fun way how to communicate correctly.
As from now, we have all it needs to include well deaf/mute people in our society.


19.20 – 19.40 Category Phone&Azure Development (1 team)

Without Borders (HeLHa, HeNaLux, UGent)

A child is missing. Fast access to info and correct screening of incoming info is essential to find back the little one. Imagine you could use latest technology to send  directly from your mobile device pictures, mail and content related to sightings of the child, integrate automatically social media and stay tuned via notifications and reports on your phone.


19.40 – 20.55 Category Category Gaming (5 teams)

Floating Isles (Howest)

Quantum is a 3D action/adventure game about encouraging a change of mentality towards envi-
ronmental sustainability, durability, and energy efficiency. You play as a robot that can absorb,
convert and release energy in a city that desperately needs change. The gameplay is simple: ab-
sorb a form of energy in one place, and get it to another place to release it as quickly as possible,
before it fades. This way, your city’s energy scheme will improve and you’ll trigger a change in the
mentality of its inhabitants.

Chocolate Moose (Howest)

She lives with her uncle, who has been supporting and protecting her thus far. However, since he got sick she has to take care of things herself, starting with a trip to the pharmacy to get her uncle’s medicine. It’s then when she finds out just how little she’s allowed to do. What seems like a simple task, turns out to be an unfair confrontation. Guards prohibit her from walking the streets without male companionship, pointing out the rules from the Scrolls of Faith she’s breaking.

In this top-down stealth game you take on the suppression imposed by the regime to win back your freedom and fight for your rights as a woman! Sneak, hide, push, pull, climb, work and explore in what should only be a game for us, but is hard reality for Yaëlle.

Overtrump (Howest)

Poverty is a big issue in the developing world and education is perhaps the best solution. Experts say that educating children is the key to ending the global cycle of poverty. Unfortunately, education is still a distant dream for many. There are many foundations who try to help the children by investing into new schools. The biggest problem is getting the children to attend the newly build schools. The situation is so desperate that the children need all the support they can get to go to school. Getting out of a situation like this isn’t easy! But that’s where you, the player comes into scene. You are an independent volunteer bus driver who wants to help and motivate these children to keep going back to the schools. So that’s why you have made an agreement with the foundations who have build these schools to find the children who should be attending the school and bring them to class each day.

Puddle Pig Prod. (Howest)

Due to the human ego the world fell into pieces, literally! You need to reunite the pieces of the world! But watch out, not all pieces are good. Find the good ones and try to avoid the others for the good sake of your village. Keep your people happy and upgrade your village to a real metropolis.

AllNightGames (Howest)

In Evolution 2 you need to help out a tribe on a forgotten planet. They are dying and in need of help.You can save them by managing the jobs they do. Assign the correct amount of people to cut trees or go fishing. Place new buildings to increase the prosperity or to create new jobs. And don't forget to upgrade and research new buildings.Of course you have to watch out by assigning these jobs! Too much lumberjacks results in the disappearing of the forests, which will lead to bad climate and earthquakes or floods. Houses will be destroyed and many people will die.Too much fishers will lead to the seas being all out of fish, so no fish can be collect anymore. Not enough food will lead to starvation. Other thing you need to take care of are health and education.

Help out these people and lead them to become one of the biggest and greatest tribes on the planet.



20.55 – 21.10 Category Phone (1 team)

ABC Solutions (Artesis)

Childbirth is still a common problem in the world. Imagine you could monitor and improve in a fun-way the physical and psychological wellbeing of the mother? This phone application (Pregnancy Guider) we will have it all.

21.10 – 21.15 : Announcement of the Winner in software design

21.15 – 22.00 : Networking Reception

Practical details


Microsoft, Executive Briefing Center, Nervierslaan/ Av. Nerviens 85, 1000 Brussels. Directions to the EBC

Who can register

Due to limited number of seats places are restricted to 
interested parties (upon invitation) / MVPs / MSPs  and academic staff.


Wednesday, May 2nd 2012 from 18.30 – 22.00


confirm your attendance by sending your name, title and organization to Lieve Goedhuys

Looking forward to meeting you at the event !

When you can not attend the event or when you are not on the invite list, no problem, we will publish as from May 3th 2012 the team video’s on our social media channels to illustrate clearly the work of each team and get you inspired for next year’s Imagine Cup Challenge !

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