Guest Blog Post: Diary of a Microsoft Student Partner


Hello world let me introduce myself: Giuliano Dore, 20 years, IT student and .NET developer, independent blogger, member of U-crew Tech and project factory.

You can find my CV here.

U-crew Tech

U-crew Tech is a group of IT oriented Microsoft Student Partners. They have the opportunity to attend national events, representing Microsoft and performing tasks - like developing applications, making presentations, writing articles, etc. I found the team through a Microsoft webcafe organized in Leuven. I hesitated for about ... a split second before participating in the adventure.

During the first meetings, I really thought it was cool to meet other students in computer science from Belgium and abroad and to discuss projects, technologies and experience. As I was doing an internship developing Windows Phone 7, I was asked to make an application using social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The application must retrieve the Facebook page and tweets of U-crew and (then post them on) the wall of the private Facebook group U-crew Tech.

U-crew is another group of marketing oriented Microsoft Student Partners. Thanks to this project I have met some more people and I was asked to make a presentation on the subjects of Windows Phone 7 and Facebook, a presentation explaining how to use tools to create a WP7 application using the Facebook API.  I immediately accepted. Later, I learned that the presentation would be at TechDays Belgium … in front of 400 people … in English *Gulp*.


TechDays Belgium 2012

I was very nervous before this event; I have never had the opportunity to speak in front of so many people before but I really was very lucky to be in good company: I could rehearse in front of professional speakers at the Microsoft Innovation Center (Mons), the place of my internship. Finally the d-day arrived and it was a great success for a first attempt. I met great international speakers like Joe Wilson and discovered the joys of being speaker in front of 400 people, it was totally awesome.

If you wish to view the presentation, the slide show is available at the following address:


Imagine Cup and MICA

The Imagine Cup is an annual competition sponsored and hosted by Microsoft Corp. which brings together young technologists worldwide to help resolve some of the world's toughest challenges.

In 2011, 59 911 people were reported missing worldwide, including about 45 000 children. At present, there is no platform available able to help the search for missing children across different countries and a lack of unified communication between the different official institutions. Europe contains 72 million smartphone users continuously connected to internet

With the combined technologies of Windows Phone 7, Windows Azure and social networks we had all the tools to realize our project. MICA was born.

How does MICA work?

It’s a bridge between users (Windows Phone 7, HTML 5 or Windows 8 client) and organizations. Users can send pictures, mail and content related to sightings of a missing child and receive notifications about disappearances or reports.  It uses features of Windows Phone 7:

  • Camera: taking pictures of a situation related to a disappearance.
  • Location Base Services.
  • Map: Show closest police stations (using LBS).
  • Social networks: Share recent disappearances on Facebook Wall or Twitter.
  • Etc.

With MICA we are participating in the Phone and Azure competitions and hope that our modest project can change the world.



To be a MSP is a great adventure, we meet international speakers, and we have many opportunities to advance community, to meet others IT-students, to use latest technologies and expand his network.

I completely recommend to IT-students keen on Microsoft technologies to become MSP, it’s a great springboard to a great career.

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