Meet at #S2B2012 Microsoft and discover the Microsoft Academy for University Hires (MACHs)


Sharing Our Products. Inspiring Our Customers.

Imagine helping people discover the right technology to make their lives easier, richer, and more rewarding. It's an exhilarating experience—one you can have every day when you're in a technical, marketing or sales position at Microsoft. We depend on thousands of highly talented people like you to keep our business growing in the more than 100 countries we serve.

Job description

The Microsoft Academy for University Hires (MACH) is a two year program designed to take on passionate graduates and set them on a career path across Microsoft’s Technical group. We are looking for consultants, technical account manager and field engineers.

Over the course of the program we’ll provide you with the theoretical but mostly practical skills you need to complement your academic achievements. We’ll also ensure that you have the business acumen to make a real difference at the highest levels. By the time you graduate from MACH, you’ll have the language to express yourself compellingly, the tools to take on any challenge and the ability to deliver solutions with the power to touch the lives of people all over the world.


· Master Degree in an IT oriented program

· Passionate about technology

· Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

· Ability to think strategically, balancing individual creativity and working in a team

· Customer and partner focus are very important

· Eager to grow and learn

· Hands-on, entrepreneurial mentality

· Good organization and planning skills

· Very good language skills (E,F &NL)


Working at Microsoft

Wherever your talents and interests take you at Microsoft, you’ll find yourself in an environment designed to bring out the best in you. We want you to listen, challenge, question, agree and disagree. We want you to be you. We’ll support and encourage you as your career evolves and develops. We’ll also provide you with some of the best internal training to be had in this or any other industry.

In return, we expect you to enthuse us, to be as passionate about our technology as your Microsoft colleagues, and to enjoy the wide-range of opportunities and responsibilities that come with knowing that your ideas and solutions will touch people’s lives around the world.

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