Technology update: functional programming with F#

F# is a simple, type safe, and efficient functional programming language with special expressiveness in parallel programming, scripting, and algorithmic development. F# combines the advantages of typed functional programming with a high-quality, well-supported modern runtime system and the .NET library and tools base. F# is freely available for .NET and Mono development across Windows, Mac, and Linux, and has a very successful professional implementation in Visual Studio 2010. To support teaching of F#, Microsoft Research is working in conjunction with the F# community to ensure a consistent learning experience across all three platforms. F# originates from Microsoft Research, Cambridge and the Microsoft Research F# team, led by Don Syme, in partnership with the Microsoft Developer Division.

The Computer Science theme at Microsoft Research, Redmond, led by Judith Bishop, organized a workshop on F# in education. This workshop discussed the projects underway for F# courseware, implementations, and compiler open-sourcing. The workshop welcomed participation from all academics interested in F# as a possible teaching language, as well as from those in industry wanting to know what it can offer for them. The program offered a variety of talks covering all areas of use and implementation of the language.



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