Exposing TFS 2010 (Beta 2+) to the Internet

Hi all,

I've recently put together a document about how to expose TFS 2010 (Beta 2+) to the Internet. If interested, take a look through it and let me know what you think (positive or negative). Note: This document does not apply to Beta 1.

EDIT: Updated the document to incoperate feedback.



Exposing Team Foundation Server to the Internet.docx

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  1. Hi Aaron,

    We want to expose our current TFS instance to outside users. Currently TFS is configuered to use NTLM. This obviously will not work over the intrenet and firewalls. The other issue is that our TFS app servers use BigIP for load balancing in our intranet. For exposing TFS to outside users, we'll need to set up one or more app servers in our DMZ. These servers can be added to our intrenal BigIp lodbalancer. What's your suggestion for our secnario? Thanks.

  2. One typo, I meant to say "These servers can NOT be added to our intrenal BigIp load balancer"

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