Second TFS 2010 Beta 2 Patch Avilable

We have just finished work on our second Beta 2 patch. This patch fixes some post-configuration failures and can be installed at any point after the MSI phase of TFS (even after TFS is configured).  This fix can be downloaded from: MSConnect: Code Gallery:   Please let me  know if you run into…

Exposing TFS 2010 (Beta 2+) to the Internet

Hi all, I’ve recently put together a document about how to expose TFS 2010 (Beta 2+) to the Internet. If interested, take a look through it and let me know what you think (positive or negative). Note: This document does not apply to Beta 1. EDIT: Updated the document to incoperate feedback. Thanks, –Aaron Exposing Team…


For TFS 2010 Beta 1, Resolving TF31001 "The ServicePointManager does not support proxies with the https scheme."

Recently, we’ve noticed a number of Team Explorer 2010 Beta 1 users are encountering the following error while attempting to connect to a HTTPS TFS server: TF31001: Cannot connect to Team Foundation Server at The server returned the following error: The ServicePointManager does not support proxies with the https scheme. This problem appears to…


Upgrading to TFS 2008 and Changing Servers

Hi All,  I’ve written a post on the TFS admin & Ops site on  how to upgrade to TFS 2008 while changing servers that might be helpful,   –Aaron


Moving Servers in TFS

I’m currently putting together a series of blog posts that describe the most common team foundation server (TFS) moves. You can find the intro to this series, called “Server Change We Can Believe In” here: and the index here:   –Aaron   P.S. I had a hard time choosing between titling the series…

TFS & Hyper-V

Hi all, If you are interested in learning more about using TFS for Hyper-V. I’ve made a post at the TFS A&O blog. Enjoy –Aaron