Setting the properties “Log on as a Service” and “Allow Log on Locally.”

One question that new users often have when installing TFS is “How do I set the properties Log on as a Service and Allow log on locally for an account?”   Both of these properties can be found by following the subsequent steps 1.       Open Administrative Tools  (either in the start menu or control panel)….


Increasing the Time-Out Time

One of the main reasons why client-issued web calls fail in TFS is that the system time-outs. It is important to note that, the time-out time is designed to prevent the UI from being locked out forever. Changing the time-out time by the method described in this post will increase the time-out time for every web call. So,…



Hello,   I am Aaron Block! I recently acquired my Ph.D. in computer science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. (For those of you that need a sleep aid, you can download my dissertation at Now, I am a program manager (PM) for the team foundation server (TFS) group here at…