Emulator updates for the new Windows Phone Mango tools

  GPS One of the most requested feature for the emulator was support for sensor. Developers were apparently asking their managers for travel budget to go to Hawaii/Europe so that they could test out their location based apps :). Today at MIX11 we announced that GPS sensor support for the emulator will be shipped in…


Designer for my path finding boards

I’m writing a small application (or rather a screen saver) that animates and demonstrates A* search algorithm. The idea is simple. On screen you see a start and end point and some random obstacles in between them. Then you see animation on how A* algorithm is used to navigate around the board to find a…


Microsoft Surface

I’m sure you have heard about this a 1000 times by now. But this time you get to hear about Microsoft Surface from someone who has used it. In case you have not heard about it, Microsoft Surface (this takes ever to load so you can try another video here)  is a radical new device which…


Pop-fly rocks

Pop-fly is one of the most amazing piece of coolness that Microsoft shipped. From the domain name to the interface it’s cool all the way. See my rotating image sphere here. Not: that this’ll install Silver Light (which is less than a mb). It took me about 15 mins to get this done. I just…


Remember me on this computer.

That is what a popular site said when I visited it’s login page. But hey, I was using a cell phone :). I know I’m nitpicking but more and more users are getting onto cell phones for browsing and the sites need to be careful. Yahoo for example is and says “Keep me signed in”…


The Vista busy cursor

The Vista busy cursor  is very interesting. Everyone I know liked it instantly. However, it deviates substantially from the hour-glass busy cursors we were used to. The funny part is that everyone seems to call it by their own name. I sent an email to an internal alias to find out what is was called…


The all new Yahoo messenger

WPF is slowly catching up and revolutionizing the way we design and create UI. Check out the new Yahoo Messenger for Vista being developed with WPF at http://messenger.yahoo.com/windowsvista.php


Conditional Text

We have moved to a new Satellite TV provider some time back. It is time to pay the quarterly bill, so I dug up their manual to look for online payment options. Sure enough there was a section on “Internet payments”. I opened the section and it had one line. “For Internet payment options click here”!!…


Funny messages are not always funny

I used to work in a Company where Easter Eggs used to be considered a feature and there used to be a official maintainer for it (I used to maintain both the Easters listed here and more). I used to feel that Microsoft shouldn’t have moved away from inserting Easter eggs and should’ve stuck with funny messages in…


Program performed illegal operation. Let’s call the police

One of our Colleague’s young kids were working on a computer when it popped up a message “Program has performed illegal operation and will be shut down”. He got urgent call from his 9 year old daughter “Dad, does this mean that the police will come?”. So next time you ignore a UX guideline think…