I am sharing my office Mr.Infinity and The Professor

Today we had an all-hands meet (we are allowed to bring our other body parts as well 🙂 ) in which Paramesh handed out our boxes (as we lovingly call them). Its the coveted Visual Studio 2005 everything under the sun version (a.k.a. VS Team Suite MSDN Premium Subscription). The first thing I did on coming…


Extending the team build web-view

<Update: Fixed so that you no longer need to copy the Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Common.dll. Thanks to a Watson bug we got to this > We had a web-UI for Build Report but we do not have one for Build List. Sometime back we had customer queries on adding/removing columns as well as printing the list, both of…


snooping into TeamSystem activity logging

Brian Harry had blogged before on how we are using the activity logging on our Team System data-tier to actually measure load on our Team Foundation Server. How to enable logging TFSActivityLogging is a databsae created on the DT (data-tier) of TFS. To use it first you need to enable the logging. To do that locate…


Team Build RSS Feed

<Update: After some complains that it is difficult to cut paste code out of the blog, I have zipped and placed the source here><Update: Fixed so that you no longer need to copy the Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Common.dll. Thanks to a Watson bug we got to this> A lot of programmers have the disease of trying to code…


TeamBuild: Scheduled build using Team System

Sorry to all the folks who read my blog for C#. This ones about Team System and specifically about the Team Build module 🙂 Team Build does not have any in-built scheduler and so it does not provide scheduled builds out of the box. However, it does have a command line tool to start team-builds….


We’re on Channel 9

Kaushal from Microsoft Bangalore was here in Hyderabad some time back. He shot some video of the folks here, including some from VSTS-Team Build. The video is on https://channel9.msdn.com/Showpost.aspx?postid=143589. See me and Anu giving a demo of Team Build and taking him around to meets folks out here.  

Team Build: Securing your build type

Information applies to Beta3 and beyond releases and subject to change Creation of build type is a two step process in which some files are generated and then checked-in to the source control. For a Build Type named MyBuildType for the Team Project MyTeamProject these files are checked-in at the server location $/MyTeamProject/TeamBuildTypes/MyBuildType. The user interface…


Build Type creation and Drop Location

One of the most common issues everyone is running into with Team Build is configuring the Drop Location. All builds that happen through Team Build are dropped (bits are copied) to this location. Drop location is entered in the Location page of the Build Type wizard. This is essentially a shared folder on the network…


Team Build notification tool

< this tool has been updated check out here> As we go on developing the product we frequently feel strong about doing new things around our product either to increase customer value, easy of use, flexibility or just because it can be done. Most of these are either too late to be included in the product or does not…


Renaming, Deleting or Hiding a Build Type

Renaming, deleting or hiding a build type is not directly available from the Team Explorer or from any menu or tool bar. Essentially a Build Type’s name is same as the name of the sub folder in which the build type files are checked in. So if there is a team project MyTeamProject with a…