When the spell checkers attack

Today Boing Boing had a post about the Cupertino effect in which spell-checkers erroneously change valid words. I had worked on Adobe Acrobat and Adobe FrameMaker’s spell checking feature and do happen to appreciate the headache with getting them right. I face Cupertino effect most often while typing in Indian names because most word-processors don’t…


Taking my job more seriously

I generally take my work very seriously. However, the following from SICP was still my favorite quote "I think that it’s extraordinarily important that we in computer science keep fun in computing. When it started out, it was an awful lot of fun. Of course, the paying customers got shafted every now and then, and…


Obsession with desktop continues

This is my new office setup. I have been pushing around a lot of code lately and felt I needed more real-estate to effectively do what I’m doing. So I hooked up another monitor. All  3 are standard HP LP1965 19" monitors. However, since none of my video cards support 3 monitors and I have…


Cell phone assault

Last two weeks my cell phone got assaulted thrice. First it was someone sending me a virus over bluetooth (a sis file actually). This happened when I was taking a photograph of my daughter with the cell phone camera in a restaurant (Aromas of China, City Center mall in Hyderabad). The next one was bluetooth…


My workstation layout

Our team just moved to a new building in Microsoft India campus. A lot of people were going around checking out other people’s office. I got asked couple of times about my workstation layout and thought I’ll do a quick post on that. Like most people in our team I use a dual monitor setup….


Struggling with email overload

It literally rains email at Microsoft (if you’ve been to Seattle/Redmond you know why 🙂 ) I’ve always struggled to keep up with the email in Microsoft. When I joined I was stunned with the downpour. The number of email I got on the first day was more than what I got in a month…


Moving blogs to http://geekgyan.blogspot.com/

  It’s been a drag maintaining two blogs for some time now. So going forward I’ll shift to posting only on my personal blog. I’ll be cross posting for some more time and then stop this blog. The new address is: http://geekgyan.blogspot.com/ Point your aggregator to: http://geekgyan.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss We are moving in Microsoft India as well….


Multi-threaded developer

Once upon a time a kick-ass developer I knew told me that a good developer needs to be multi-threaded and run the following threads The main worker thread: This is the one used to code up 3-tier applications for your employer. This pays for the rent and for that fancy big car. The core thread:…


Time for a change

I’ve been working for some time in Visual Studio Team System (first on the TFS server and then on the testing infrastructure). I was looking for a change and then I happened to talk with the GPM of the .NET COMPACT FRAMEWORK team. The following explains in brief what followed… … and so I landed…


International Mother Language Day is back and being celebrated with a lunar eclipse

For starters it doesn’t include C++ or C#, even though your mom codes in it 🙂 … A lot of people speaking English natively forget the importance of mother language due to its predominance. They take their language for granted. However, each year a bunch of languages become extinct, the latest being Eyak, which got…