Scott Guthrie’s visit to Microsoft India

I rarely blog about a photo but this is an exception. Scott Guthrie our Corporate Vice President for .NET Developer Platform was here in Hyderabad on a visit to Microsoft India. I had a chance to attend a bunch of product reviews and  meetings with him. Every person in our division and outside is in complete utter awe of this guy, it was inspirational to hear his ideas and visions around .NET and Silverlight.


Scott with a bunch of folks from .NET Compact Framework and Silverlight Mobile team. As you can guess Scott is in the center. I’m the one on the absolute right.

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  1. M. Rajesh says:

    Well how come there was no developer community planned event with him as a guest. He is such a hit in the ASP.NET/Silverlight community and it would have been great to have him host one community event in the major cities of India. It has been such a long time since we had an in-person event. All have moved to Virtual Tech Days.

  2. Rajesh, Scott was on a very short trip and had to rush back to attend 3GSM in UK, hence…

  3. Mihir says:

    Well I am so much inspired by Mr.Soctt  and i desperately  want to attend his talk as soon as i get chance. Hope he give his talk in india..

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