It’s is easy to claim that the world won’t get destroyed today

Taken inside the Microsoft Campus Hyderabad

The clock is ticking and the Large Hadron Collider in Cern is going to get switched on today (9/10/2008). Even though there are speculations, CERN is claiming it's perfectly safe and the world won't end. But it's easy to claim that, who'll be around to prove them wrong in case they are 🙂

It's one of the coolest device at an operating temperature of < -270°C. But I'd get really angry if there's any disturbance to my Birthday celebrations!!

Comments (3)

  1. BlackWasp says:

    Happy birthday!

    If I start to feel heavy today I’ll know it’s one of those pesky black holes (and not the extra pie I will have for lunch).

  2. ioWint says:

    Happy Birthday 😉

    n whr in th IDC (hyd) is the rocky cave kindah thing, with bells.. i jus saw in ur blogs flickr photos 🙂 i have visited IDC couple of times bt havnt got to see it!



  3. It’s inside (yea not on it :)) a hill in between building 2 and 3. See it on the satellite map here

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