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One interesting aspect of working in Internationally distributed team is that sometime it gets difficult to make common judgements. E.g. when we see a name we inherently figure out whether it's a male or female name and refer to that person as such in email. The issue is that I cannot always make the same judgement in case of names from another country/culture.

In my previous team in a long email thread someone continually referred to Khushboo as "he". Khushboo didn't correct him and it went on for some time until I pointed out that to him in a separate email. Today I was typing an email to someone and suddenly figured out I had no idea whether one of the person I'm referring to is male or female. I took a wild guess and I'm waiting to get corrected.

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  1. phunny says:

    its really simple.. the answer is 42

  2. Anu says:

    You can probably look up "Members of" in Outlook and see if some women specific alias turns up like "Women in STB" or "IDC-Women" etc. I’ve noticed women get added to these aliases usually without them having to sign up.

    Obviously, the same problem there too – it took the owners of the alias around an year to figure out "Anutthara" is a woman’s name before I was added to one of those aliases! 🙂

    BTW, awfully cute pic of Prokriti.

  3. Kalpesh says:

    Just being funny here.

    If you can call up the person, do that 😉

    Your doubts will be cleared up.

  4. Call up? So you suggest me calling waiting up (time-zone issues) and calling folks in US/Europe just to say "er…"

  5. Kalpesh says:

    Its surprising (not to talk), when people work in a distributed environment (even though people are timezones away).

    I don’t suggest anything. Do it at your own risk 🙂

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