Time for a change

I've been working for some time in Visual Studio Team System (first on the TFS server and then on the testing infrastructure). I was looking for a change and then I happened to talk with the GPM of the .NET COMPACT FRAMEWORK team. The following explains in brief what followed...


... and so I landed a job in the .NETCF Garbage Collector and other parts of the execution engine. I'm sure I'll be super busy as the team is heads down into getting Silver Light onto mobile devices and going cross-plat (I guess most folks have heard about SL on Symbian/Nokia).

What this means is that I can (or rather I have to) muck more with .NET (both desktop and CF) without any guilt and can claim that blogging about them is actually a part of my job. So what this means for this blog is that there'll be more hardcore stuff about .NET and an additional Tag called NETCF when I post specifically about it.

In case you are in India and want to work in a Kick-ass team delivering one of the most key technologies for the industry then drop me a line at abhinaba.basu @ you know where. Bragging rights will come for free when you point to all those cool WinMobile/S60/XBox/Zune devices and claim how you coded .NET for it....

Wish me luck...

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  1. All the best! Now quickly get netcf ported for the iPhone. I don’t mind private drops 🙂

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