The Vista busy cursor

The Vista busy cursor  is very interesting. Everyone I know liked it instantly. However, it deviates substantially from the hour-glass busy cursors we were used to.

The funny part is that everyone seems to call it by their own name. I sent an email to an internal alias to find out what is was called and got a the correct answer as Activity Spinner or Busy Cursor (hey it was from it's designer so it has to be correct 🙂 ). But other people pitched in with there own names....

  1. Shiny CD

  2. Wormhole of death

  3. donut / Vista donut

  4. Energy circle

  5. The Pulse

  6. Whirlpool


Comments (5)

  1. apinedo says:

    I think the best name is "The Lord Ring", it is my treasure!!!


  2. Ahruman says:

    Clearly it is the Spinning Bagel of Death… not in any way influenced by the Spinning Pizza of Death and circular indeterminate progress indicator of Mac OS X. 😉

  3. spacetimer says:

    Very very interesting. I prefer "donut".

    I’d also like to call it worm hole.

  4. PirithiumX says:

    It is a Sucker, to represent you for buying vista in the first place, or a lifesaver letting you know you will soon need one. 🙂

  5. d_dutton says:

    I wonder if it spins the opposite direction in the souther hemisphere…

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