Microsoft owns FireFox and Mozilla owns IE 7.0 is owned by a Firefox fan and advertises FireFox, recently I found out which talks about Microsoft FireFox 2007 🙂 and it has a Microsoft copyright notice at the bottom.

 Ok  I'm super confused now!! Looks like IE 7 is a browser from Mozilla and FireFox is from Microsoft. Hope I got this right :|.

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  1. is clearly a satire. The copyright notice is just part of the spoof.

  2. Jason says:

    That msfirefox site is hilarious!!   Great humor!!

  3. Orca says:

    If Firefox is independent of MS and more than just a skin over Google (Which I was lead to believe) why does FF still use Google all the time ? And does the browsing security still apply i.e. "Is my browsing history stored on a Google / Microsoft CLOUD" as I suspect !

    Considering the amount of lies told in this ever invasive world and invasion of privacy !

    I would love to believe Firefox is all it say’s but have serious doubts !  

  4. Jason says:

    You leave no contact info ? M/S Engineer may be ?

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