We all know that Hungarian notation is bad. That has been debated a thousand times and closed upon. It has been proven that having type information as the variable name can lead to trouble. Some nice examples are here and here. However, though most developers agree with the issues with type information in the variable…


The first Zune in India

Actually that should be one of the first zunes in India, but hey what the …. Our dear AmitChat the resident gadget maniac got himself a Zune (nah, not the Brown one). This is sure to be one of the first Zune’s to come into India. He got it from Redmond and costed about $260….


Program performed illegal operation. Let’s call the police

One of our Colleague’s young kids were working on a computer when it popped up a message “Program has performed illegal operation and will be shut down”. He got urgent call from his 9 year old daughter “Dad, does this mean that the police will come?”. So next time you ignore a UX guideline think…


IE 7 menu bar

I’m using IE 7 for some time and lovin it. I had believed that IE has done away with the menu. Whatever functionality I needed were available through the Tools and Page split buttons in the toolbar and I always printed using Ctrl+P so I never felt the need of the Menu. However, I just…


Scheme of things

Programming in Static OO languages for a long time numbs the brain. These languages are designed to be simple and efficient. These criteria not necessary create beautiful languages. In the world of C++, C# our imagination get severely restricted. Take for example the expression x + |y|. In scheme you can code this as (define (addAbs x…



When I visited USA for the first time I was surprised by the size of the servings. Specially the sizes of drinks (Starbucks starting from Tall 🙂 ). I remember asking for a large Coke in a Panda Express outlet and was handed over a bucket of coke. In contrast here in India you get…


Indian Rope Trick

Even though Wikipedia expresses doubts over the validity of the great Indian rope trick I saw a variant of it in MS India. I call it the great indian ladder trick.