I am sharing my office Mr.Infinity and The Professor

Today we had an all-hands meet (we are allowed to bring our other body parts as well 🙂 ) in which Paramesh handed out our boxes (as we lovingly call them). Its the coveted Visual Studio 2005 everything under the sun version (a.k.a. VS Team Suite MSDN Premium Subscription).

The first thing I did on coming back to my office is to put up the posters and display the box :). Its hard to explain how it feels when you see screen-shots of stuff you've coded being distributed in manuals. I just can't wait for Team Foundation Server getting shipped as well!!

Khushboo pointed out rather politely that my work-place is looking geeky and that it'd never suite her. As if I care 🙂

The Box

The posters

Screen shots of stuff I coded!!!

Comments (6)

  1. sriram says:

    I was too lazy to go collect my box today. Didnt know about the posters!

  2. Yesterday I completed exactly 2 years at MS :-)…and co-incidentally got the VS 2005 box as a souvenier which…

  3. MSDN Archive says:

    That reminds me I have also completed my 2 years yesterday at MS and still haven’t got that window cubical (grr…).

    But all this just makes me feel too good being so near to shiping the product.

  4. David says:

    Would anyone know how to get a set of the super hero posters? I think there are awsome and would like to hang them around the cubes of my office.

    Any help on locating them would be great!



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