marking required fields on forms/UI

How do you communicate to users which fields on a UI is required and which is optional? This was the questions I was trying to answer while implmenting the Team Build Type creation wizard. Though there exists some common conventions in Web forms like marking the fields with asterix and putting something like “Fields marked with…


What are the Build Types, how do I edit them

For people new to Team Build do read Overview of Team Build Though most people using Team Build easily finds out how to create a build type and fire a Team Build, they find it difficult to figure out how to edit a Build Type. So one of the common use scenario is to re-create…


Using the New Build Type Wizard

Team Build and Build Types The build type wizard is used to generate Build Types which are a collection of Build Scripts used to fire the remote builds on the Build Machines. These scripts are XML scripts consumed by MSBuild which is used by Team Build to build the user’s solutions. Just as the local…


Visit to redmond

Its almost a month, I’m here in Remond. I was very excited to come to the heart of things where everything of VSTS other than team build gets done. I was very excited to meet all the people and attach faces to the email aliases and caught off handed many a times when someone looked…


Team Build blog

I guess the least represented module of Visual Studio Team System on msdn blog was Team Build . This is going to change now with the Team Build PM khushboo taking up bloging actively. See or  


command line tool syntax

Command line interface (CUI) designs for many of the tools found with VS or in Windows were to include a bunch of individual commands or exe with options or flags.To get a directory listing: dir <options> as in dir c:\temp /wTo create a directory: md c:\temp\fooTo delete a directory: rd /s c:\temp\fooSo even though all…


Error messages

Frequently we are presented with error message pop-ups with messages like “Unable to open file”. Error messages are popped up when something has gone wrong. If SW cannot convey to the user what went wrong and what he can try to fix the problem, it might as well not show the error message at all. So all errors…