What do we work on here in Microsoft India

Frequently I have been asked the question, what kind of work is done in Microsoft India or MIDC? The number of questions grew with my recent post on BillG's visit to India and his announcements regarding the plans to grow MIDC and MS India in general.

MIDC is the second MS R&D center outside of US. We work on a lot of stuff here. I am in DevTools group which has ownership of lot of interesting things. The list goes as

  1. Visual Studio Team System's Team Build component is developed here. I work in the dev-team for this product. Since this is a V1 product we get to work on a lot of cool stuff. The converter tools that help users to migrate from pre-existing tools like VSS, ClearQuest to TFS is also completely developed here

  2. Visual Studio for devices is also developed here

  3. One of the .NET languages VJ#.NET is completely owned in MIDC. A tool called JLCA which automatically converts existing Java code into C# is also owned by the team

Other than my group there are a lot of other groups here too. This list includes....

  1. Some of the WinXP-SP2, Windows 2003 and Vista (Longhorn) features. Stuff like Fax, TAPI, Scanning, IE, Services for UNIX (SFU), Terminal Server, System Resource Manager, Remote access,

  2. Windows Serviceability group is located here. So if you have Windows 2000 and got a service pack update, you now know where it came from 🙂

  3. Data Protection Manager

  4. Office in your pocket or Office for mobile devices is completely owned here.

  5. SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition

  6. Mobile messaging client similar to MS Office Communicator 2005

  7. MS is developing a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) infrastructure that is also completely owned here

  8. Some of the MSN stuff like connector for outlook, live-meeting, One-care...

  9. XBox is coming here. Not sure what exactly they'll be working on...

The list is growing fast, check out http://www.microsoft.com/india/indiadev/ for more info on MIDC...

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