Shooting star

Yesterday night when we (me, Ankur and Hemant) were going out to dinner from office (Microsoft India Campus), we saw a meteor shooting past us in the sky. It was huge and almost looked like some firework except that it was coming downwards. I had never seen a larger shooting star and nither had the others. I was big enough and close enough for atleast the ashes to fall on earth. Unfortunately, there were no report of it in the news papers, I guess we should have reported it in the first place.

The worst part is that we figured out that we've been playing Halo a bit too much 'cause Ankur said that he thought it looked like a shot from the Rocket launcher.

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  1. Mark Arnuevo says:

    I have seen a very similar effect in the sky. Yet my friends and i saw it three times, one after the other, originating and ending in the same location. This only happened about six weeks ago, yet the only thing that concerns me is that we were using a ouija boardat the time on top of a partial open grave in a cemetry at a stupidly insane time in the middle of the night. At first we thought it was a firework or some type of missle too, but being able to see it another two times we quickly ruled out the possibility of it being either. was it a meteor? a shooting star? we are still baffled.

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