Killing spree in India Development Center

Q.What does a bunch of disgruntled programmers do after work in MS IDC?
A. They kill each other and shout with Joy when they see blood splatter all around.

If you do not believe me drop into the 3rd floor lobby at IDC.

Over the last couple of months Halo mania has taken over the IDC Burton (Team System) and DPM (Data Protection Manager) team. We all fight it out on the XBox on the third floor lobby. With the departure of our beloved Froddo who'd prove to be a far better assassin than a programmer, DPM is beating us hands down. However, some of the people in our team are not that far behind and we soon hope to frag DPM guys. The way Neeraj is ramping up on his core competency of shooting people with the hand gun, we soon hope to get our first win against DPM.

Today was an auspicious day. The ladies in our group till now refrained from joining into the blood bath. But today two of them did. The sight of Neeti clapping with joy after killing me really shook me up. I never knew she'd get back to me like this for troubling her with weird bugs (she tests the features I work on 🙂 ).

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