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  1. Doesn't work for me says:


    I followed your instructions but nothing happens. I posted a discussion at the Office 365 Community:…/655783.aspx



  2. Aatish says:

    @Jasper : If you are able to see the crawled properties then did you created mappings with the refinable managed properties?

  3. Matthew says:

    Have you tried this with hierarchical data? I have noticed that the display properties of the field lead to an inconsistent presentation. If "Display Full path" is selected I see "Term:Term:Term" but if I select "Display Term" I only see "Term" consequently I'll get two refiners for the same Term depending on the Column display settings. (Even though the owstaxIdColumnName field data is identical.) Ideally a hierarchical refiner control would be best.

  4. Anand says:

    How do we get the custom managed metadata value in the search display template. In the search display template metadata column populating with guid ,, ("GP0|#d43f1794-54c5-4b31-b37d-2bbc332adc0f L0|#0d43f1794-54c5-4b31-b37d-2bbc332adc0f|Construction GTSet|#6ecea20f-b230-49c9-bec7-15173827f0fb" 😉 .. Is there any easy way retrieve only value.. Thanks!!

  5. Anand says:

    got resolve – by using same "RefinableString04" mapped property in custom search display template returns correct metadata terms/values. Thanks for this post – got lots of idea after read this..

  6. KlompSY says:

    @Anand, I have the same problem as you did with the correct metadata terms/values not showing. I just don't understand how you resolved it. Could you please explain it a bit more.

    Thanks in advance.

  7. DanTheManXX says:

    @klompSY , I am with you

    in my /searchcenter site collection I edit my custom display template for People search

    I have added 'RefinableString00':'RefinableString00' to my Custom Display template then

    var uBusiness = Srch.U.getHighlightedProperty(id, ctx.CurrentItem, "RefinableString00");

                        if (!$isEmptyString(uBusiness)) { uBusiness = ctx.CurrentItem.RefinableString00;}

    Publish minor version ( since I don't want my users to see this just yet)

    You need to check the Results Type  in the site settings as this may ask you to update as it has detected a change to your display template ( tip from another blogger Steve Mann) – just click on the update link.

    Still I don't see anything under each user I display … and they all have this property.

  8. SP learner says:

    Very good article i read so far related to managed and crawled property.

    Can you also explain what is the procedure is we want to change the column name in the library(the column is used as a refiner field on the search page)?

    Where all we need to make the changes with reference to managed and crawled properties?

    Thanks in advance.

  9. MQ says:

    I created a document set library. Added my columns. Shared them. Made sure the managed content was checked yes. It's checked to be searchable.

    I went to the Schema from my site rather than Central Admin. Found my crawled properties and mapped them to RefineableString01 etc. They're checked to be refineable, sortable, etc.

    I have waited for a day and still have no sample values. Therefore no refiners. I've double checked. The properties are mapped. My site is in the Cloud not on prem. Any help would be appreciated. I unfortunately have a deadline of this Friday.

  10. SnarePoint says:

    All those having Trouble getting the refiners to show up:

    you Need to do a full crawl on your data source. Only after a full crawl the new refiners will show up.

  11. Rudolph says:

    Does anybody have any ideas on how to be able to search managed metadata column, if you want to search a whole term rather than just the first three letters to tag it? This is when you are uploading documents rather than using the search box. This is a problem because sometimes you do not know the term you are searching for.

  12. Pravin says:

    Nice Article to get the understating of how refiners impact the search result and will help to improve  search result.

  13. Manoj Mittal says:

    Does any one have idea  – how to add the managed metadata control in the Refinement Panel  – I have Big Term set category. which is not feasible to show as is in the refinement panel with Mapped Property.

    Please share the thought on it.


  14. Ekta says:

    I followed these steps, but I can't find any values for the property when I choose my refiner.

    Not sure what I am doing wrong.

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