SharePoint 2010 Solution Deployer–V1.1

I have made updates to my very useful PowerShell solution deployer and though it would be useful to others, so here it is.

I got tired of typing all the PowerShell deployment commands each time for a .WSP, so I bundled them up into a simple cmdlet that does all the work for you including waiting for solution deployment timer jobs to finish.

Its as easy as issuing the following PowerShell commands:

#Deploy solution
./solution.ps1 -solutionname test.wsp -Add $true
./solution.ps1 -solutionname test.wsp -Remove $true
./solution.ps1 -solutionname test.wsp -upgrade $true

#Deploy & activate feature
./Feature.ps1 -FeatureId Test_Feature1 -SiteUrl http://Site1 -Add 
./Feature.ps1 -FeatureId Test_Feature1 -SiteUrl http://Site1 -Remove
./Feature.ps1 -FeatureId Test_Feature1 -SiteUrl http://Site1 -Get 

The code can be found on my skydrive here.

Make sure you refer to the usage.txt file on how to use it etc.

This doesn't currently support sandboxed solutions but will be coming soon Smile

Email me with any feedback or questions.

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  1. Benedict says:

    Nice one.. It really saves deployment time.

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