Simple way to obtain SharePoint 2010 Farm patch level

  The following PowerShell script will get the patch level of your farm: 1: #gets the build string for a SP2010 FARM 2: Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted 3: Add-pssnapin microsoft.sharepoint.powershell -EA silentlycontinue 4:  5: $farm = Get-SPFarm 6: $version = $farm.buildversion 7: $version

SharePoint 2010 Solution Deployer–V1.1

I have made updates to my very useful PowerShell solution deployer and though it would be useful to others, so here it is. I got tired of typing all the PowerShell deployment commands each time for a .WSP, so I bundled them up into a simple cmdlet that does all the work for you including…


SharePoint 2010 August 2010 Cumulative updates are now ready for download

The latest cumulative updates are now available for download. The hotfixes can be requested from here: SharePoint Foundation: SharePoint Server:   The updates will update the patch level of your SharePoint 2010 installation to build: 14.0.5123.5000


Updating Content Hub Subscribers using PowerShell

While testing some functionality for a client recently I found something interesting when publishing shared content types through the content type hub. After initial creation of the content types and adding subscribers all seemed to work well. That is all content types were ‘pushed’ down to all the subscribers and each subscriber site could make…

Windows explorer – PowerShell shortcut

I wanted the ability to be right click within windows explorer to enable me to run powershell from where I was in Windows explorer. The following registry change enabled me to do just that: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell\PowerShell Here\command] @="\"C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\WindowsPowerShell\\v1.0\\powershell.exe\" -NoExit -Command Set-Location -LiteralPath ‘%L’"   This also works with Windows Server 2008…

Installing and configuring SharePoint 2010 using powershell

This is a great article for those who want to get a SharePoint 2010 farm up and running quickly and easily. I am working on augmenting this process further by creating an installer that configures, builds a complete SharePoint 2010 farm with all services running. For now check out the following article:

Only 7 days until the Australian SharePoint Conference

The countdown has begun to the biggest SharePoint conference in Australia and the southern hemisphere. I am hoping to catch up with many partners and customers and as an added bonus, we have Arpan Shah from the core US SharePoint team as a keynote speaker. If you would like to have a chat with Arpan…

SharePoint 2010 – Just published white papers and articles

The following have just been published as part of the SharePoint 2010 RTM release. Happy reading! SharePoint Server 2010 capacity management: software boundaries and limits SharePoint Server 2010 performance and capacity technical case studies Topologies for SharePoint Server 2010 Services in SharePoint 2010 Products SharePoint Server 2010 scripted deployment SPModule .zip…

SharePoint 2010 – Basic Powershell configuration script

Here is a very basic script that will configure a barebones SharePoint 2010 farm. This isn’t designed for a production ready environment, but is great for a test lab and if you need to get something up and running very quickly. I am in the process of building something more enterprise ready and watch…

SharePoint 2010 has reached RTM!!

The official announcement is here: And for those wanting to know the official build, the version string is: 14.0.4763.1000. Congrats to the product teams involved! Its very exciting times and now to go an refresh all of my SharePoint VMs.