When I try to download .NET Framework 3.0 GOLD my computer says that this isn’t a Windows 32 application.

Commonly this is caused by the installation program you've downloaded to become corrupted in the download. By redownloading to either a different location you should be able to fix this issue.

 Another common remedy for this issue is to download the redistributable package corresponding to your architecture:

To download the full redistributable package, rather than the bootstrapper, click the architecture you need below to start the download:

  • X86 Redist Package
  • X64 Redist Package

  • The redistributable might download more than you need, but is a single download.  This is a preferred method if you do not worry about bandwidth, or if you want to put it on a secure location.

    Be sure to Check Windows Update for any updates after you've installed the .NET Framework.

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    1. ifuller says:

      .NET Framework 3.0 is no longer available for download from Microsoft's site at all. only the SP1 and SP2 which will not install without the presence of "SP0". So… now what?

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