Visual Studio Extensions and Build Servers

From time to time, we see questions around building a project created with the Visual Studio 2010 SDK on a build server (e.g. Team Foundation Build, TeamCity, CC.NET, etc…). The primary misconception that folks have is that you must install Visual Studio 2010 + SDK on the build server. In this post, I’ll walk through…


Custom Extension Types with VSIX

I just posted an article entitled “Custom Extension Types with VSIX” on the Visual Studio Blog. Check it out if you’re interested in distributing custom content (not necessarily code) as a Visual Studio extension.


All Your RegKeys Are Belong To Us

I’ve been in many discussions lately with various folks about Visual Studio 2010 extensibility. Inevitably, someone suggests a solution to some problem involving changing/adding/deleting a registry key/value for an extension. If you need to do this, just remember this one rule: Do not ever edit a key that ends in “_Config” HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\10.0 This key contains…


Visual Studio 2010 User Interface Guidelines

One of the things you may notice is missing from the Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 SDK (compared to 2008) are the user interface guidelines. You can now find the Visual Studio 2010 User Interface Guidelines at the following location:

Pkgdef and the Experimental Instance in VS 2010

***Disclaimer: This information is about Visual Studio 2010 only. The following may not be accurate for future releases.*** One of the new features we introduced with the Visual Studio 2008 Isolated Shell was the concept of a pkgdef file. Pkgdef is essentially a REG file with tokenization. For example, you could put $RootFolder$ in your…


Visual Studio 2010 SDK Beta 1

The Visual Studio 2010 SDK Beta 1 is now available for download. Be sure to check out the latest supplemental readme as you’re likely to encounter some of these issues in using the SDK.


Update on Extension Manager and Visual Studio 2010

Jason Zander, the General Manager for Visual Studio, has just announced some more details (with screenshots) on the new look and feel for Visual Studio 2010 (which relies heavily on WPF). In the same post, he also includes a screenshot of the new Visual Studio Extension Manager (mentioned previously): You’ll be able to find more…


Extension Manager

One of the new features we plan on shipping for VS 2010 that I’ve been heads down on for the past few months is the "Extension Manager". I’ll be posting more details about it here over the next several months. For the meantime, you can hear more about it (and see some very early mockups)…


Split Window / New Window – Bad Painting Behavior in your Language Service

Recently, a question was asked on the VSX Forum about bad behavior from a language service after the user issues a “split window” or “new window” command. (Fonts are wrong, scroll bars don’t work and are corrupt, etc…) The problem is even present in the RegExLanguageService sample in the Visual Studio 2008 SDK (which is…


The Boo programming language now has a Codeplex project called BooLangStudio which adds Boo intellisense, project templates, etc… to Visual Studio. Cool!